Camille Wheeler’s “SXSW 2017 Photo” is part of Spring Gallery Night at Grackle Art Gallery.

Now that it’s actually pleasant to be outside, you can go to Spring Gallery Night and see what all the artists were creating while the winter’s cold had them all cooped up inside their studios. Grackle Art Gallery is holding a one-night event featuring photographs taken by women called Chicks Who Shoot. Meanwhile, Art on the Boulevard is spotlighting works on paper by its artists, and The Foundry District is giving you extra incentive to see as many spaces as possible (see: Gallery item).

Of course, the longer-running shows also have a great deal to offer, as Fort Works Art uses the works of Jesse Hernandez and Fabiola Valenzuela to explore Latin identity in America. Artspace 111 is doing a Western show, and UTA art maven Benito Huerta gets a show to himself at William Campbell Contemporary Art, with paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works that he has done recently. You’re also free to check out venues such as Gallery 414 and ART7 Gallery that aren’t opening new shows but are keeping their current shows up for a while. We’ll all just hope that the rain holds off so we can soak up the spring weather.

Spring Gallery Night runs noon-9pm Sat at various exhibition spaces. Check Calendar for locations. Admission is free. Call 817-735-0301.