Photo by Jay Betsill.

For whatever the reason (or reasons), the vibe of Coyote Ugly Saloon never seemed to quite connect with the West 7th party crowd that overflows the majority of the bars in that bustling area, and the bar/club closed its doors in January. Sliding into its abandoned real estate on the corner of Norwood and Bledsoe streets is Your Mom’s House, the latest venture from the Funky Lime Hospitality Concepts group that is behind popular West 7th staples Reservoir Bar, Patio & Kitchen and Whiskey Garden and the Reservoir location at Toyota Music Factory in Irving.

The ownership group is well aware of what works in the area, and they’re set to deliver something new and original that should stand out in the crowded nightlife scene. 

Their goal is to recreate that authentic house party vibe that so many of us miss from our misspent youths – mixed with a little Freudian tension. Though the decor and build-out are still a work in progress, the owners said they want their new bar to be welcoming and a little nostalgic, as if you’re raging with friends at one of the neighborhood houses during your high school glory days.


Even if you were a late bloomer who didn’t spend every weekend night at a buddy’s house doing kegstands and taking Jell-O shots with a few dozen classmates, Mom’s interior will still look familiar, with baby pictures adorning the entry hallway, multiple TVs, a trophy case, a basketball goal for shooting hoops (or drunkenly hanging on the rim) in the backyard, and other gussied-up touches of home. Imagine the party scene in every John Hughes movie, and you’ll have the basic idea. 

The drink offerings are separated into gimmicky sections that also trigger nostalgia. For example, from the Adult Supervision part of the menu, you can order a Cougarita, Peggy Bundy, Pool Boy, Milkman, Uncle Buck, Aunt Viv, and, of course, Stifler’s Mom and Mrs. Robinson.

From the Child’s Play portion of the menu, enjoy adult beverage versions of Big Red, Mountain Dew, Vanilla Dr Pepper, a root beer float, and the Suicide Island, with all the sodas and various boozes.

Another blast-from-the-past item that was guaranteed to be in your mom’s refrigerator growing up was the Capri Sun-style juice concentrate drink pouches. Your Mom’s House will offer variations on those classics with flavors that include Purple Drink, Tropical Breeze, Fruit Punch, and Piña Loca.

No house party would be complete without a treat from the freezer. In this case, there are a variety of frozen treats, including cherry limeade and peach cobbler-themed drinks.

The kitchen will serve sandwiches and chips, similar to what your mom might have thrown together and tossed in a brown paper bag, though she probably didn’t anticipate your lunches would be soaking up massive amounts of alcohol. 

Your Mom’s House is set to have a soft opening in mid-to-late October, so look for it to be up and running by Halloween weekend. 

For updates on its opening festivities, follow the bar on Facebook.