Bill Paxton is gone but not forgotten. Tom Huckabee agrees. Courtesy of Tom Huckabee

When legendary Fort Worth actor/director Bill Paxton died three years ago, devastated friend Tom Huckabee threw himself into several Paxton-related postmortem projects, including the Bill and John Paxton Sculpture Garden. This interactive-art environment was established by Huckabee at 26 Cliffside Dr, the vacant lot next to the filmmaker’s house in Edgecliff Village.

Local artists created the outdoor sculptures. Some pieces are for sale, while others are permanent installations. Each has a meaning that Huckabee would love to explain. Just knock on his door and ask for a guided tour.

Admission and parking (curbside) are free, but donations are appreciated. Open 24/7, day or night, or as the sign at the front says, “Private Property. Yes Trespassing.” Read more about Tom Huckabee in this week’s Toast & Jam in the Last Call section.