Sea turtles. I intend to save them all single-handedly myself by saying “no” to fast-food straws. This is my plan at least, after seeing that meme –– you know the one –– about a million times. In reality, our oceans are plagued by a variety of problems big and small.

At 1pm Tuesday, June 9 –– and at a variety of times daily through Thursday, June 11 –– take a virtual crash course in oceanic problem-solving with inland-based Earthx (4311 Oak Lawn Av, Ste 325, Dallas, 214-310-1200).

The three-day virtual conference EarthxOcean: Protecting the Life Support Systems of the Ocean features more than 30 speakers and is free to attend. Topics include high seas initiatives, coral reef restoration, ocean plastic solutions, sustainable fisheries, and more.


You can register ahead of time and see the agenda and the speakers’ bios at