Downtown protests Saturday afternoon. Photo by Edward Brown.

Several hours after meeting with Mayor Betsy Price, Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus, and city staffers to discuss the too-frequent killing of unarmed black men and women by white police officers, two leaders with the protest group Enough Is Enough were arrested last night.

Around 8 p.m. downtown at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, protest leader Nysse Nelson stood feet away from me as she addressed a few dozen customers, who were largely receptive to her message. Using a megaphone, she claimed that one protester, a woman named Kimberly, was recently fired by the owner of the gastropub for protesting alongside supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Nelson (right) was issued a citation for using a megaphone and subsequently arrested. Photo by Edward Brown.

A Flying Saucer manager told me the next day that while Kimberly was fired, it was not because she joined the protests. When asked why she was fired, he said he could not comment further.

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Soon after, a Fort Worth police department officer cited Nelson for violating the city’s noise ordinance. Protesters told police that several members of the movement had used a megaphone near businesses that evening and were not cited.

“They pick and choose who they want to take to jail,” a nearby protester said as Nelson was forced into a police SUV.

Nearby, a white police officer who identified himself as Sgt. Spencer responded to a protester.

“I hear what you are saying,” the officer said shortly before walking away. “You see how this was done. No force. I’m doing what I am instructed to do. I’m going to do it safely.” 

A second protester, later identified online as Manuel Arzatesifuentes, was arrested nearby as police drove off with Nelson.

A second protester, later identified online as Manuel Arzatesifuentes, was arrested nearby as police drove off with Nelson. The twentysomething Hispanic male stood handcuffed near his wife, who later told me that police refused to explain why her husband was arrested. I also asked nearby police officers what they were charging him with and was not given an answer.

A horse-mounted all-white police patrol entered an already tense scene as cops drove Arzatesifuentes away. The protesters chose to regroup at the Tarrant County Courthouse before starting their second round of marches. After returning to the courthouse late that night, one protest leader announced a third arrest. 

“They just arrested Lucid,” the group was told, referring to Lucid Shinobi. “They came up on him like he was a terrorist. We are in a war. We messing with too much money.” 

Several livestream comments on the Weekly’s social media feed last night took offense with Enough Is Enough’s protest tactics, which have included entering private restaurants with loud chants of, “Fuck yo’ peace!”

Protesters confront Fort Worth police department as one of the movement’s leaders is arrested. Photo by Edward Brown.

The arrests come at a time when President Donald Trump is calling for law enforcement to “dominate” the streets and to halt Constitutionally protected demonstrations.

“If [authorities] are really gonna have to do a job, if somebody is really bad, you’re gonna have to do with it real strength, with real power,” Trump said.

Hours before the arrests of the two protest leaders, Price tweeted that she had met with “members of groups that have been protesting in the recent weeks. This was not my first meeting with those protesting, and it won’t be my last. Today, we discussed calls to action and ways we can make progress in the community. I have committed to bringing this discussion to a public city council work session so that the entire community can hear council take part in these critical conversations. Let’s keep working.” 

Several protesters I spoke with that evening see the arrests as a targeted attack on Enough Is Enough’s core leadership. The charges, which were listed on the county website hours later, include interring with public duties (Shinobi), giving false or fictitious information to a peace officer (Nelson), and obstructing a passageway (Arzatesifuentes).

United My Justice, known for its commitment to not enter private businesses, attracted around a dozen marchers downtown last evening. One leader with the group, who just gave her first name, Carol, said Enough Is Enough is misleading the youth into following them. 

Enough Is Enough, she said, are “making Fort Worth look bad. We should not be divided. We are fighting for injustice. [Enough Is Enough] took over our protest.”

On its Facebook page today, United My Justice said it will cease marching to focus on “other projects.” 


  1. Hmm. The average megaphone is 90-100 decibels. Fort Worth’s noise ordinance is 80 dB unless there’s permission given in advance until 10 PM. So, if there was a violation it wasn’t much of one. Odd….did anyone on Magnolia Ave have any noise complaints this weekend that were addressed similarly?

    Thanks for your good work, Eddie.

  2. There is more to the story about those arrests. Nelson was not arrested for the citation. You’re either not getting the whole story or you are purposely misleading people. This is part of the reason why we are having problems as a nation—media doesn’t get it right prior to publication.

    • The information we published came from the county jail. If you think the county is misleading people, feel free to contact them. “The charges, which were listed on the county website hours later, include interring with public duties (Shinobi), giving false or fictitious information to a peace officer (Nelson), and obstructing a passageway (Arzatesifuentes).”

      • What is terrible about your story is that you have to mention the race of ever person involved. Are we not ALL Americans. I hate that people are dying, but every day Americans kill Americans and it is the media who is dividing this country. Just stop with the black man and white man… Its disgusting. Has anyone considered that without police criminals will rule our nation. Law abiding Americans, of any race, will have no one to call when they need help.

  3. Ft worth has basically outlawed protesting. Walking down the street chanting breaks sound ordinance. Have a business and don’t agree with the protest? Just file a sound complaint. $$ means more than freedom of speech and right to assemble. Where are all the defenders of the constitution and founding fathers worshiping conservatives now? Country was born from protests. Are you going to try and tell me they didn’t crack 80 decibels during the Stamp Act protests. Ft worth should be ashamed for allowing the abuse of this law to try and squelch political speech.

  4. Well damn my neighbors be blaring their music till 3-4 in the morning and they do nothing when you call them humm something’s not right about the noise ordinance.

  5. Give an inch and they will take a mile. That’s why people drive 75 in a 60 mph zone. So lock’em up at 81 decibels… And yes, lock up the Magnolia crew too. I pay good money for these jails and prisons. I don’t want to just stare at those buildings. Let’s use them… And those protesters probably pay their fare share of taxes also, so they might be viewing a stay in jail as some kind of time share benefit… Yes I’m black, and since I was born and raised in the Bronx, you can best believe I have no institutional wealth. I’m just tired as 5h!+ with all this lawlessness.

  6. The writer of the article while making their personal opinion and slant plainly evident, is also pushing a racial agenda and division (the horse mounted “all white” policy patrol) ?? REALLY ??? What is the purpose of that observation other than a personal racial agenda ?
    The MEDIA is the largest flame fanning / perpetrator of racial feelings today. We have to give up the black / brown / yellow/ white identification they constantly use ..
    We are American citizens or those who are not – no color.. Police are police – they are ALL blue. !! They and the rule of law deserve our respect .
    Any citizen who breaks our laws (no matter what station in life or profession — should be punished equally as the law and our constitution provides.

  7. Mayor Betsy Price doesn’t understand what is really going just like Donald Trump. If they would actually stand in the mirror they could see what im talking about? The color of their skin. It’s a black and white world baby. If they were black they would be marching and protesting too.

  8. Anyone who can understand the English language can easily determine that “Constitutionally protected demonstrations” are not “somebody really bad” that Trump was talking about.

    And, for example, if you go 90-100 mph in an 80 mph zone, you can still get a ticket. There’s a limit to decibels for a reason, just the same. Shrug.

  9. Hearing damage is permanent, folks. Keep it 80 and below. Musician talking here. Protect your ears. Never mind the rest. Keep on marching. Cops should not be arresting movement leaders. All white groups of cops should not be sent into these marches. Mayor Betsy Price needs to do a LOT better.