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Chris Polone brought his company name “Stand For Something Group” to life over Fourth of July weekend. He took a stand for all of the 51-percenter bars by opening the doors of his venue, Rail Club Live, in protest of Gov. Greg Abbott’s mandate to close the bars to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Not any other businesses, mind you, just bars.

With zero drops of liquor served and no money collected that day, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) still gave Polone a warning that he would lose his liquor license. That was the whole point of the event. The Rail and nearly 100 other bars around Texas are suing the governor and the state to remain open.

And around 100 bars are hosting a protest show this weekend. Proceeds from Freedom Fest: Statewide Unified Protest for 51 Percenters and Musicians will benefit the nonprofit of each bar’s choice. The show at the Rail (3101 Joyce Dr, 817-386-4309) featuring Messer and Cutthroat Conspiracy will benefit Brandi’s Play in the Shade, an organization that provides shades for children’s playgrounds and educates people about skin cancer.

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Freedom Fest is 6pm Sat at The Rail Club Live, The Eight Ball Billiard & Bar (5854 Jacksboro Hwy, 817-626-8849), and G. Willickers Pub (310 109th St, Arlington, 817-633-5445). Tickets are $10 at the door.