Don’t forget to wear your mask at Traders Village. Image courtesy Facebook

Celebrated in Cuba, Guatemala, Latin America, and Spain in late December, Los Posadas is also celebrated by the Latinx community in the United States. A derivative of the Spanish word posada meaning “lodging,” during Los Posadas, the focus is on the inn — yes, the inn — of the nativity story. The celebration typically lasts nine days, representing the nine-month pregnancy of Jesus’ mother, Mary.

At Traders Village (2602 Mayfield Rd, Grand Prairie, 972-647-2331), Los Posadas is still going strong. While it is open every weekend, visit the village by Sunday for a final dose of the Posadas holiday spirit. Head to the Big Red Patio in the middle of the property upon arrival. Here, you will find traditional Mexican holiday treats and live music.

Traders Village is located on Mayfield Road just off Highway 360 in Grand Prairie. Admission is free, and parking is only $5. Traders Village also has amusement park rides to keep kids happy all day for just $13.99 per person.


While you are there, shop from more than 3,000 vendors offering everything from housewares, furniture, and tools to clothing, jewelry, and toys. There are shops you can walk into, but this is, for the most part, an open-air environment. Plus, if you park on the west side of the property, you will see garage-sale style vendors selling everything under the sun.