Where does Fido want to live? Photo courtesy iStock.

January is often the time we contemplate self-improvement. Our New Year’s resolutions typically range from less drinking and smoking to more veggies and exercise. (Shameless plug: For a plethora of services to help in this endeavor, go to and look for Alive & Kicking 2021 in our “Magazines” drop-down.) Why not extend your new-year-new-you attitude to your living spaces?

Fort Worth has many property options for those looking for a rental with amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are some local communities that are not only pet friendly — for when you adopt a running buddy — but also have a swimming pool for the summer and a fitness center on-site.

As of press time, vacancies for a February move-in are available at Alexan Summit (1424 Summit Av, 844-553-9254, $1,225-1,680,, Bell Lancaster (2901 Bledsoe St, 866-933-9694, $1,225-2,335,, The Jameson at the Bluffs (701 N Hampton St, 940-220-7371, $895-1,550,, The Kelley at Samuels Ave (769 Samuels Av, 844-323-4379, $1,105-1,485,, The Monarch (1108 7th Av, 817-934-6931, $1,751-2,079,, and Rocklyn Apartments (637 Samuels Av, 682-207-8677, $1,000-1,376,


For other amenities, floor plans, and photos, an excellent place to start is because Jeff Goldblum. #LifeFindsAWay