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America’s favorite children’s show host, Mr. Rogers, knew just what to do in times of crisis. “When I was a boy and saw scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ ” During last week’s bad weather, there were plenty of helpers among local business owners. Now that Fort Worth is back to business as usual, send some of your hard-earned consumer dollars their way as a thank you.


For those on the Near Southside with water issues during the storm, The Bearded Lady (300 S Main St, 817-349-9832) was a welcome oasis, allowing anyone to fill containers with clean, fresh water. While closed on Mondays, the Lady is open 11am-10pm Tue-Thu, 11am-midnight Fri-Sat, and 11am-10pm Sun. For updates, visit

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In other water news, several breweries have answered the call and are allowing patrons to fill their own containers with free water as well. When it’s time for a beer run, you know what to do. Cowtown Brewing Co. (1301 E Belknap St, 817-489-5800), HopFusion Ale Works (200 E Broadway Av, 682-841-1721), Maple Branch Brewery (2628 Whitmore St,, Panther Island Brewing (501 N Main St, 817-882-8181), Wild Acre Brewing (1734 E El Paso St, Ste 190, 817-882-9453) and others are participating.


The Boiled Owl Tavern and Tarantula Tiki Lounge — sister businesses — are stepping up to do some grocery shopping for the nonprofit pantry concept FunkyTown Fridge. There are locations in Polytechnic Heights (2308 Vaughn) and on the South Side (3411 Bryan Av), plus a Westside location (5705 Wellesley Av) is coming soon. You can help by either sending $5 via Venmo to @AutumnBrackeen or dropping off donated blankets, food, and water at either establishment. (Read more here.)


When the storm first hit, the team at Enchiladas Ole (2418 Forest Park Blvd, 817-984-1360) was quick to post offers of help. “If you have been without electricity or water and need a meal, please come in and let us know! If you are a first responder or someone who has been working tirelessly to restore power to our city, call and let us take an on-the-house meal to you when you pull up.” Enchiladas is open 11am-8pm Mon-Wed, 11am-9pm Thu-Sat, and 11am-5pm Sun. For updates, visit


On the morning of Wed, Feb 17, the dining destination known as Goldee’s Barbecue (4645 Dick Price Rd, 817-480-4131) received its regular weekly delivery of wood for the smokers. As it would be unlikely that Goldee’s would be opening in the immediate future, a generous offer was made to the public via social media. “Hey, y’all! Our wood people dropped off wood, but it’s unlikely we are able to open this weekend! If you need wood, feel free to come by and grab whatever you need! Stay safe!” Typically, Goldee’s is open 11am-3pm Fri-Sun. For updates, visit


When Chris Polone, owner of the Rail Club Live (3101 Joyce Dr, 817-386-4309), woke up Monday morning without power, he checked his Westside bar and music venue. The bar’s location near a Fort Worth police station and MedStar headquarters meant that power and heat would likely be consistent even as most of the city remained without them. Even though the bar continues to be closed due to state COVID-19-related mandates, Polone and his staff announced that the Rail would welcome anyone seeking a warm, safe space. (Read more here.)


For a “warming center” of a different sort, last week folks could stop by Fort Worth’s newest music venue, Tulips FTW (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798), for a free cup of coffee, free firewood, and free water. The free coffee was donated by Craftwork Coffee Co. (1121 W Magnolia Av, 817-737-4169) and the firewood from C&C Services (817-203-4409), though firewood donations were also welcome. For updates, visit


As national nonprofit organizations go, United Way is one of the more locally focused. United Way of Tarrant County has stepped into action, providing immediate help to people in our area impacted by severe winter weather with an Emergency Relief Fund. Services provided include assistance with food, hotels/housing/rent solutions, plumbing/flooding repairs, utility bills, and more. For more information or to donate, visit and click Emergency Relief Fund.