Tell us about Elevated Elixir

The Elevated Elixir is essentially a content platform that includes culinary-focused beverages that are also alcohol-free. We’re primarily on Instagram, where we’ll share recipes and produce and release video episodes on IGTV as well as other fun pieces of content like profiles, photography, stop-motion photography, and graphics and motion graphics. We want to celebrate the experience of creating and sharing well thought out beverages, just without the added alcohol.

Who is your audience?

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Drinkers and non-drinkers –– anyone who enjoys the experience of a handcrafted beverage. So far, we have noticed our audience skewing towards females, but we definitely have loyal and engaged male viewers, too. I think people are still wanting to be social but are craving fresh alternatives on the beverage side.

What are your goals?

To encourage others that non-alcoholic beverages can be elevated in a culinary fashion. Ingredients can be fresh and creative. To get people excited about the experience of creating something delicious and visual. Also, to showcase the restaurants mixing up mocktails and amazing brands out there offering fabulous products, from tonics to simple syrups, kombuchas, coffees, and more. We just want to inspire conversations, get people excited about new flavor combinations, and just to have fun really. Another subset of it is to encourage others that you can socialize just fine without alcohol.

What inspired you to create Elevated Elixir?

My career has a solid foundation in the food and beverage industry. Over the past few years, I’ve toyed with the idea of “breaking-up” with alcohol, but my friends always tried to tell me that I could just keep drinking. Retrospectively, I think they were just worried about losing me (as a drinking buddy), but I can still toast a mocktail with them!

After turning 40, I became clearer on my own personal “brand standards” in life and realized that drinking didn’t align with them. For me, alcohol was a false security blanket in social situations, and I feel like I can connect better without it. Ask my friends, I still have plenty of jokes to share after a #topotuesday happy hour.

Can you tell our readers about the national “Sober Curious” movement? What is it? Who is involved? What’s your role in it?

Statistics are showing that alcohol consumption is ticking down, partially due to the growing interest in wellness, but also because of people wanting to develop more authentic connections in social settings. There are a number of people involved: leaders in recovery, F&B brands, and people like me, who are all about a happier, healthier, and more delicious lifestyle. I see myself as someone who is all about the experience of getting together over a beautiful beverage. I just want to inspire others with some fresh flavors and perspectives.

What is your message to people out there who are having a difficult time dealing with the social pressure to drink?

At the end of the day, you are the protector of yourself and chief curator of your life. If your authentic self doesn’t want to have a drink, just listen to that voice inside. Test it out a couple of times. If you can make it through the first 15 minutes without your go-to glass of wine, you’ve made it through the most difficult part.

Have you gotten any local bars/restaurants to change or add to their menus to accommodate the sober curious crowd?

Currently, you can go see my pals at Tulips FTW to enjoy a creative mocktail. Also, we have plans to collaborate with Leaves in the near future, who started tapping in to this #sobercurious movement earlier this year with special evenings and concoctions.