Godbold: “To this day, there are probably some people who still don’t know this is what I do.” Photo courtesy of Vicky Godbold.

When I asked Godbold about himself, because there’s not much available on him online, other than his stellar R&B/rap tracks, I was a little confused by his texted response.

“Yeah I’m really new at the whole process. So I had to come up with all of this in full out written form mama mama mama mama mama. But hopefully this suffices.”

“Mama mama mama”? The text right below explained a lot.

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“Sorry I’m using text to speech and my son was talking at the same time hence the mama’s.”

Godbold was referring to his 3-year-old son. The Fort Worth singer-songwriter also has a 9-year-old daughter. “And they run everything LOL.”

The reason I reached out to him is that A.) I’d never heard of him and B.) he was scheduled to play 7pm Fri at a popular new venue, Tulips (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798), for the second time, his first being there last March, when he made his inaugural performance. Could it be that a venue was ahead of me, the most in-the-know dude around? The most in-the-know dude who hasn’t seen a live show in 100 years and who doesn’t live on the Near Southside or anywhere nearby? #yes #theanswerisyes

True to what Godbold, a.k.a. Kevin Godbold, says, that he just wants “to be a part of making somebody’s next favorite song,” I’m impressed by his chops. I listened to all of his tracks on Spotify. He’s the real deal. His Tulips FTW gig is his first headlining show.

He debuted into the professional musical world in December 2019, releasing three singles and The Godbold EP. Produced by Godbold and a little-known producer named Ishmael Moody, the EP has roots in a night out on the town.

Godbold met local singer-songwriter Jasmine Tate, and “before the night ended, and, on the spot, she sowed the first seed to remove my self-imposed barriers in pursuit of music professionally,” he said, referring to his earlier aversions.

“Growing up,” he said, “I was always known as the guy who could sing, and that essentially defined me and any friendships that I made. Eventually, my disdain for that stigma resulted in me not even telling people about that talent when I met them. As a matter of fact, to this day, there are probably some people who still don’t know this is what I do. As I got older, I realized that it didn’t define me. It is truly just a part of who I am and a gift that I want to share with the world.”

Tate funded Godbold’s first session and with Moody. The singer/rapper’s first full-length project will be released in the summer. LivingRoom LoveStory will be produced in Fort Worth by Jose “Chico” Santiago from Music in Focus, a local label specializing in mostly underground hip-hop.

“DFW born, Kansas City raised, and Fort Worth refined,” Godbold said, he writes all of his songs and writes tunes for others, which, he says, is “really my passion — my name on the marquee is cool, but my name in the credits is way better.”