Danni and Kris are ready for the sweltering season — are you? Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

From the best places to enjoy a staycation to where all the marquee local/regional/national musicians are playing, our annual Summer Issue will make sure your season isn’t as brutal as the typical Texas weather. We are more than aware that not all of us can just sit back in our air-conditioned living rooms, put up our feet, and nosh on bon-bons while watching Jeopardy. To those of you who must endure the heat day in and day out, we will raise a glass to you. And often. Full disclosure: What we raise will probably be one of a few cocktails we have recipes for on pg. 38.

To this frequently occasional sipper of fine alcoholic beverages, the Mrs. Sippy sounds pretty tasty. I do believe it would go just splendidly with Chef Julia Dunaway’s elote — wouldn’t want to ruin her mojo by suggesting an alternative to veggie sides. Like a steak or something. Maybe a lean sausage (80/20). That just wouldn’t be rasta.

What is rasta is Fort Worth’s assortment of killer patios not named Joe T.’s or Reata. Not that there’s anything wrong with those two gems. They’re just packed all the time, and we Weekly folk and lovers of the Weekly are of the minute-crunching variety. Check out pg. 29 for more.


We can count down the minutes until summer festivals come roaring back, but until then, some of North Texas’ bigger acts — including our talented cover models, Danni & Kris — will be populating stages all across the country in addition to our own backyard (pg. 48). Just as many local artists will spend the summer putting out new tuneage. Your ears will thank you (pg. 43).

However you end up spending the next few months, let the Weekly be your guide. As always. — Anthony Mariani