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I don’t cover local Fort Worth music in-depth anymore, after doing it for nearly two decades #stillnotfamous, but I have not lost my love for and adoration of Nolan Ryan Robertson’s handiwork. Last I checked, pre-pandemic, the best traditional-pop songwriter in not only North Texas but possibly the entire planet (I’m sure Macca has something to say about that) was still fronting The Hendersons and being busy. His Beatles-esque vehicle was up to something, a new record of some sort, much in the same way we all had wonderful hopes and dreams before the COVIDs killed a bunch of us off. Not sure what Robertson is up to now other than *drumroll* a gig. That he’s performing along with Dead Vinyl’s Hayden Miller at 8pm Fri at The Post at River East (2925 Race St, 817-945-8890) is cause for celebrating good times, c’mon. Nolan Robertson is alive! Basically.

Had The Hendersons been signed to a major or indie label as they should have been back in the day, I would have had the distinction of being pretty much the only person who ever wrote about them. And glowingly, because what was not to love. The brilliant vocal melodies, the jingle-jangle of those guitars, the snappy beats. Robertson’s Post gig could also be seen as a good omen of sorts. Maybe this means that The Hendersons — and that beautiful music by beautiful people overall — are not dead. Maybe this means I’m getting out of the house Friday. #bridgetonowhere

Nolan Ryan Robertson and Hayden Miller at the Post is free. All ages are welcome, and seating is first come, first served.

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Happy hour starts at 3pm and the good vibing gets going at 7pm at Tulips FTW (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798) on Saturday because the cowpunking Vandoliers will be there to rock the house. Tickets at Prekindle. RC & The Ambers (the RC formerly of Turnpike Troubadours) will open. Times subject to change. Wear a mask.
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Maybe the best way to end a weekend full of live, local, original music is … with more music. And it’s top shelf. The Fleetwood Mac-ian Danni & Kris are playing their next to last show at the Post 6-8pm Sun as part of their last-Sunday-of-the-month summer series. It’s free and all ages. What’s not to love. Mask up to enter.
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If the sound of Beatles-type brilliance isn’t up your allergy, maybe you should spend your Friday at Lola’s Trailer Park (adjacent to the saloon at 2735 W 5th St, 817-759-9100). Two of the longest-running and most transcendent bands in Fort Worth, KatsuK and Pablo & The Hemphill 7, will take the stage. Good dudes, good music, lots of patchouli. Cover is $10.
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Robertson’s Friday gig will be a nice comedown after spending your Thursday night at Lola’s Saloon (2736 W 6th St, 817-759-9100). That’s where your head will have been blown the fuck up by three of the loudest, highest-octane acts in the entire state. The Dangits and Mean Motor Scooter will open for In the Whale. Tickets are $10 for this 18-and-up show.
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Not too far away, the good dudes at Left Arm Tan will be celebrating the release of a new CD. At Magnolia Motor Lounge (3005 Morton St, 817-332-3344), the Americana group specializing in windows-open driving music will be preceded by the Beatnik Bandits. It’s a free show. Why these guys aren’t basking in Benjamins up in Nashvegas is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Maybe LAT is just too smart. (Was that a dig against mainstream country “music”? *clutches pearls* Yes. Yes, it was.)
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