The backdrop of one country’s war crimes has now set us up for the most interesting Van Cliburn Competition in decades, if not necessarily the best one. Today, the foundation announced its 30 competitors for this June’s tournament at Bass Hall. This year’s competition motto is “The World Is Listening,” and with the mix of nationalities here, you’d better believe that. The competitors are as follows, with their surnames listed in capitals:

AN Tianxu (China)

CAI Yangrui (China)


Albert CANO SMIT (Spain/Netherlands)

Dmytro CHONI (Ukraine)

Federico Gad CREMA (Italy)

Anna GENIUSHENE (Russia)

Francesco GRANATA (Italy)

Arseniy GUSEV (Russia)

Masaya KAMEI (Japan)

Uladzislau KHANDOHI (Belarus)

KIM Hong-gi (South Korea)

Elizaveta KLYUCHEREVA (Russia)

Shuan Hern LEE (Australia)

Andrew LI (USA)

LIM Yun-chan (South Korea)

Denis LINNIK (Belarus)

Kate LIU (USA)

Ziyu LIU (China)

Jonathan MAK (Canada)

Georgijs OSOKINS (Latvia)

Jinhyung PARK (South Korea)

Changyong SHIN (South Korea)

Ilya SHMUKLER (Russia)

Vitaly STARIKOV (Russia)


Yutong SUN (China)

Marcel TADOKORO (France/Japan)

Sergey TANIN (Russia)

Yuki YOSHIMI (Japan)

Xiaolu ZANG (China)