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The Cowboys Ate the Cheese

Trojan Horse Destruction

Summer Transfer Roundup

Thursday Throwdown




If you aren’t Texas senator Ted Cruz, who is self-quarantined from Covid-19 fears with only Fox News as his outlet to the world, you’re...

Bowl Bound … Barely

Let’s be clear. This Horned Frogs season is a bust. Expectations included a return to the Big 12 Championship game and a run at...


Deliverance is what I need. No, not the movie, sickos. I need to be set free from TCU men’s basketball because I’ve stopped caring....

Don’t Look Now

This past Sunday saw your Dallas Cowboys travel to frigid Minneapolis to face the Vikings in a regionally broadcast afternoon tilt as the B...

Off Week

Sometimes you’re forced to search for silver linings when good news is in short supply. All things considered, no disasters occurred last week, not...

Just Like the Good Ol’ Days

In this rapidly changing world, despite being pretty well set in my own personal ways since, I don’t know, junior high, probably, I try...