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Tag: Fort Worth music

Oh Whitney and Donald Fagen got some recording done in Mexico but are now in Fort Worth to finish the project.

Oh Donald

Dreamy Soundz

Cool Lola’s Gets Blackbox

Banging beats and instrumental melodies complement some wicked rhymes on this new collaboration.

The Truth on Tape?

We Heart Sparkle Tunnel

Nice Major: “I’m a fan of Lady Gaga, Queen, Kanye. That’s also what I want ... everybody to see.”

Major Niceness

Scotty Boy (front) and Renizance attribute most of their success to The Hustle.


Space-rockers Skeleton Coast had a big year.

Albums of the Year

Around $8,500 in musical equipment was lost when this Near Southside garage apartment was set ablaze recently.

Benefits of Fire and Flood

They’re wild. They’re wacky. They’re Lindby. Melissa Claire

Lindby: Nerd Out