Blotch Wins; Judge Rules In Favor Of Rahr

Posted December 29, 2010 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

Blotch‘s mighty influence is evident in the revised press release just sent out by Tarrant County.

Blotch bitched this morning after Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley and his Wisconsin counterpart bet a case of beer on the Rose Bowl game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Wisconsin Badgers. Whitley said he would send a case of “Texas-made Shiner Bock” in the tiny chance that the Frogs were beaten.


Blotch argued that he should have promised a case of tasty beer from local brewery Rahr & Sons instead of sending some swill from far-off Shiner that tastes like hog sweat.

Lo and behold, a few hours later the press release was re-released with the following change: Whitley “had intended to send a case of Texas-made Shiner Bock but decided instead to send a case of award-winning Fort Worth brewed beer made by Rahr & Sons.”


Whitley added that Rahr & Sons founder, Fritz Rahr, is a TCU alum.

“We might just send them a case of Cowtown’s finest, win or lose,” Whitley said.

Blotch commends the swift leadership and decision-making of its county judge — and takes a self-congratulatory bow for sparking the debate that prompted the switch to Rahr.


    Don Young

    I recommend a case of Iron Thistle, the award winning, seasonal Rahr ale. Yum!


    Great to hear the Rar news. However, as tasty as Rahr is, I’m not gonna talk smack on Shiner, a damn fine beer.

    Jamie Brunner

    Don – I’m with ya on the Iron Thistle. Not only a great beer…but the purple label would look o-so-nice sitting on a desk in Wisconsin. ;-)

    Sincere thanks for fighting for FW’s small, local brewery Mr. Prince!


    I am a BIG fan of Texas beers and just recently turned on to Rahr’s beers. I resent the statement that Shiner tastes like hog sweat (Not that I have ever tasted hog sweat). But nonetheless, good choice in changing the bet.


    I recommend Stormcloud IPA, though if you can get a couple bottles of Whiskey Warmer that would be the ultimate prize.

    Geoff Strickler

    Send a varied case, Whiskey Warmer, Iron Thistle, and Stormcloud IPA, and a one other Rahr. beer. Show ‘em we can not only play football, but brew a variety of great beers.


    I might have been playing up the hometown favorite angle a bit when I so callously besmirched the hallowed Shiner brand. Truth is, any beer that’s cold is okay with me.


    Congratulations, Jeff, you certainly keep us on our toes with your insightful bitches, I mean blotches. Keep it up.


    I don’t think the car industry is suffering like it was just a couple of years ago


    @joselyn — what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

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