Blotch‘s mighty influence is evident in the revised press release just sent out by Tarrant County.

Blotch bitched this morning after Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley and his Wisconsin counterpart bet a case of beer on the Rose Bowl game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Wisconsin Badgers. Whitley said he would send a case of “Texas-made Shiner Bock” in the tiny chance that the Frogs were beaten.



Blotch argued that he should have promised a case of tasty beer from local brewery Rahr & Sons instead of sending some swill from far-off Shiner that tastes like hog sweat.

Lo and behold, a few hours later the press release was re-released with the following change: Whitley “had intended to send a case of Texas-made Shiner Bock but decided instead to send a case of award-winning Fort Worth brewed beer made by Rahr & Sons.”


Whitley added that Rahr & Sons founder, Fritz Rahr, is a TCU alum.

“We might just send them a case of Cowtown’s finest, win or lose,” Whitley said.

Blotch commends the swift leadership and decision-making of its county judge — and takes a self-congratulatory bow for sparking the debate that prompted the switch to Rahr.


  1. Don – I’m with ya on the Iron Thistle. Not only a great beer…but the purple label would look o-so-nice sitting on a desk in Wisconsin. 😉

    Sincere thanks for fighting for FW’s small, local brewery Mr. Prince!

  2. I am a BIG fan of Texas beers and just recently turned on to Rahr’s beers. I resent the statement that Shiner tastes like hog sweat (Not that I have ever tasted hog sweat). But nonetheless, good choice in changing the bet.

  3. Send a varied case, Whiskey Warmer, Iron Thistle, and Stormcloud IPA, and a one other Rahr. beer. Show ’em we can not only play football, but brew a variety of great beers.

  4. I might have been playing up the hometown favorite angle a bit when I so callously besmirched the hallowed Shiner brand. Truth is, any beer that’s cold is okay with me.