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New Vid by American Idol’s Tim Halperin

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth American Idol semifinalist Tim Halperin has just released the video for his most recent song, “The Last Song.” A tune he actually performed during his run on the most popular reality TV show in the country, “Th...

Pistol Packing Vaquero Is Held Up

Jeff Prince
Local historians who for more than 20 years have been trying to create Fort Worth’s first statue to honor the Hispanic culture are blazing mad now that it’s finished. WFAA‘s Brett Shipp describes in this June ...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Beginners (R) This autobiographical drama by Mike Mills (Thumbsucker) stars Ewan McGregor as a man who’s shocked when his terminally ill, recently widowed father (Christopher Plummer) comes out of the closet. Also wi...

Ethics for Me and You

It seemed insignificant on the surface, just 11 little words on a piece of paper. But the sheesh hit the fan after Fort Worth city secretary Marty Hendrix posted the agenda for the Ethics Review Committee’s June 9 meeting. Li...

Night & Day

WED ? 8 Just as the William Campbell’s exhibit of Dalton Maroney’s art ends (see Gallery), another exhibit of his work begins at Arlington Museum of Art. Flow: Dalton Maroney 1982-2011 features wood sculptures and works on ...

Calhoun: Heavy Sugar in the Bank

The veteran Fort Worth quintet makes a statement.
The fifth track on Heavy Sugar, the latest album from Fort Worth’s Calhoun, is a tune called “Heart of Junk,” a melancholy, black valentine to a disappointer. A dreamy Fleetwood Mac-ish ballad, the song wouldn’t qualify...

In Progress’ Wake

Fans of the latest kind of waterpark have two choices in the Fort Worth area.
Not long ago, wakeboarding meant hooking up a trailer, spending a small fortune gassing up a boat, hauling it to a lake, and then taking turns pulling riders around the busy, bumpy water.

Dear Chow, Baby

Editor’s note: Despite Christy Goldfinch’s departure from the role, Chow, Baby goes on. See page 27 for this week’s column.
John Q. Reader
Oh no. Say it isn’t so. I’m very disappointed. Having kicked my weekend off with your column for years now, I will miss my Chow, Baby very much. Once I even went to an Asian place on East Berry Street called “Ho” becaus...

Sym Shares TradeSecrets

OK, I’ll admit. Fort Worth isn’t exactly New York City, a gleaming metropolis essentially buzzing with inspiration, the kind that can keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning working on your masterpieces. Seriously...


Fort Worth schools just lost a lot of ground.
Eddie Griffin
For a while there, things were looking good for education in this country — and even in Fort Worth.