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PCP Sprees and Other Tales

Jimmy Fowler
NBC-DFW Channel 5 is on a roll with exclusive jailhouse interviews. Just four days ago, they chatted with the banged-up college guy who claimed he went on a carjacking and robbing spree because someone drugged his workout suppl...

pot smoking

Pot Moms Say Don’t Harsh Our Mellow

Jeff Prince
It’s no secret that some moms self-medicate. Many of them would have self-destructed and smothered their offspring over the decades if not for the various types of traditional “mother’s little helpers” &...

Chris Kelly Leaves the Field to Me

Kristian Lin
I remember being irritated the first time I read Christopher Kelly’s film criticism. I had just recently taken over the equivalent job at the Weekly when he was brought in to be the Star-Telegram‘s leading film crit...

Your Parents Named You What?

Jimmy Fowler
Please stop making fun of celebrities who give their children ridiculous names. They at least have the excuse of living in a fame and money bubble, immune to the consequences of christening an offspring “Apple.” Accordi...


Top Editor, Movie Critic Among Latest Star-T Casualties

Jeff Prince
Another season, more layoffs. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reportedly laid off another dozen employees, most of them in the newsroom. This follows a downsizing trend that’s been going on for several years at the city̵...

Breaking News: Air Is a Public Issue

Jimmy Fowler
It’s hard to think of a more Orwellian name for a state entity than the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which has apparently been insisting that breathable air is not an issue of “environmental quality” down h...


Jane McGarry Gets Virtual Group Hug

Jeff Prince
Former NBC 5 news anchor Jane McGarry is feeling the love today. Yesterday, NBC 5 said McGarry is leaving the station following her May arrest on suspicion of drunken driving. McGarry announced the news on her Facebook page: Hi...

Drunkboat opens Friday

Film Shorts

OPENING: Drunkboat (R) Bob Meyer’s coming-of-age drama stars Jacob Zachar as a teenager who tries to buy a boat from a con man (John Goodman) with the help of his alcoholic uncle (John Malkovich). Also with Dana Delany and Sk...


Fracktivism on the Hill

Talk about being green. The Hulk, or at least the actor who portrays the heroic beast in The Avengers, is heading to Washington, D.C., to battle the natural gas drilling industry — specifically, the practice of hydraulic frac...


Stop! Promo Time

Back in May, I picked up a side gig handing out samples of beer on behalf of a marketing company, an easy job that requires nothing more than a willingness to be on your feet for an extended period of time and pester people to ...