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Short Cycle Assessment Tests Policy Changed Before Vote

Eric Griffey
Fort Worth school board trustee Ann Sutherland finally got the board to address whether or not the district should continue to use short cycle assessment testing, a series of exams given every three weeks, designed to prepare s...


School District President Robbins Responds to Sutherland

Eric Griffey
A school district official denied that bullying and retaliation was a widespread problem in the Fort Worth school district. That same official denied that another trustee wasn’t being allowed to get her issues onto the bo...


Your School Tax Dollars at Work

Fort Worth Weekly
Ann Sutherland has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the Fort Worth school board: She don’t get no respect. Last year she was censured and had a tough time getting her issues on the board’s agenda. Her crusade against pay ra...


Who’s on First?

Fort Worth school board politics make foreign policy look easy.
Eric Griffey | Photos By Lee Chastain
The tension in the boardroom at the Fort Worth school district headquarters was palpable on a warm night in June. Trustee Ann Sutherland was to be censured that evening. The motion had been placed at the end of the agenda, so S...

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Ann Sutherland Posts School District Raises

Eric Griffey
On her blog, school board trustee Ann Sutherland posted a link to a spreadsheet listing 111 raises given to Fort Worth school district central office employees. She did not list any employees’ names, but did include their...


School Board Trustee Questions Legitimacy of Raises

Eric Griffey
In the 2012-13 school year, the Fort Worth school district cut about 300 teachers from its payroll, despite growing enrollment numbers. Those and other cuts saved the district roughly $20 million. However, a little more than $9...

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Ann Sutherland Censured by School Board

Eric Griffey
Last night Fort Worth school district trustees voted 6-0 to censure their fellow trustee Ann Sutherland. Her alleged rules violations included taking up too much of the staff’s time fulfilling her open records requests, discl...

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School Board Will Consider Censuring Ann Sutherland

Eric Griffey
At tomorrow’s Fort Worth school board meeting her fellow trustees will consider censuring Ann Sutherland. Sutherland said in an email Monday that she believes the motion may be related to the ongoing saga of Joe Palazzolo...

A Good and Bad Night for Fort Worth Schools Super

Fort Worth schools superintendent Melody Johnson got a three-year extension on  her contract last night with a 6-3 vote, again benefitting from the lopsided board majority she continues to have in her corner —but she didn’...

It’s Official: Palazzolo’s Head is on Johnson’s Platter

At this coming Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Fort Worth schools superintendent Melody Johnson will recommend to the trustees that Joe Palazzolo, former assistant principal and the whistleblower in the Arlington Height...