Last night Fort Worth school district trustees voted 6-0 to censure their fellow trustee Ann Sutherland. Her alleged rules violations included taking up too much of the staff’s time fulfilling her open records requests, disclosing confidential information, and attempting to discuss non-agenda items in executive session. (Board President Judy Needham admitted the board as a whole was guilty of that last accusation, as revealed in a leaked audio of last week’s executive session, posted, apparently by accident, on the district’s own web site.)

Sutherland denied all of the accusations against her, and pointed out that none of the listed reasons for her censure were based on facts, but rather “assertions.” She addressed the accusations one by one, calling them “false.”

“I can’t imagine any reasonable person voting to do something when a person has been accused of a bunch of generalities,” she said. “It’s ridiculous, and I think this board is better than that.


“If somebody put this in a legal case, it would be laughed out of court,” she said, holding a document listing her alleged violations.

She also asked her fellow trustees to table the motion, on the basis that she wasn’t shown a copy of the allegations against her until three hours after this week’s meeting started, even though the proposed censure had been listed on the agenda for discussion days earlier.

“I wish to object to this in the strongest possible terms,” she said. “I got a copy of [the censure] at 8:05 p.m., and had no idea what was on it. I do not believe that is a respectable way for this board to operate … by keeping things a secret.”

Here is a link to the full list of her accusations (with her comments) and to her statement denying all of the claims.

Needham also asked Sutherland if she wanted to apologize for the way she spoke to Superintendent Walter Dansby when she asked him about the censure during a phone conversation.

“I very much felt attacked,” said Dansby, who said he hadn’t yet looked at the agenda because he was working on another project.

“I would think that you would know what is on the agenda,” Sutherland replied. “That’s your job to put the agenda together.”

Trustee Christene Moss told Sutherland she “didn’t appreciate” her requesting so much information, and that the process of gathering that information bogged down district staffers, preventing them from doing their jobs.

“I talked to you, and [told you] that I think it takes away from student achievement,” said Moss.

“I have asked for a lot of information,” Sutherland responded, “but that’s because I believe that this board does not have sufficient information to conduct the business of this school district.”

Sutherland told reporters that she could try and be a little more graceful in her future comments, but gave no indication that she will cow to her fellow trustees.

“I intend to keep representing my constituents as vigorously as I can,” she said. “I chose to fight for better schools, and it’s not surprising that people who don’t want to fight and just follow the superintendent get mad.”


  1. Say what you will about Sutherland and her goofy alliances with deservedly ousted FWISD trustees. And her tendencies to ramble, get off subject and well, be “out there” at times. She’s not very good at the usual trustee self/school promotion. She can be combative with administration. The super and board president loathe her.
    Still, she has the only intellect and interest to mine to heart of the FWISD’s problems and spiral into poor performance. The top heavy administration, the GUM Department store culture, overcrowded classroom, school staffing, teacher morale, scheduling/marshaling of substitutes, inane “it” and “in” programs and technology sucking taxpayer dollars. The budget woes. Her blog shows a single minded purpose toward correcting this.
    She took a public beating but was calm, dignified and rebutted flawlessly. You could charge that entire board with the McCarthy reading we witnessed. The person most deserving of all those allegations, Vasquez, got off without a murmur.
    Let us know how those Open Records Requests thru Dancing Dansby work out.

  2. I cannot and will not feel sorry for Sutherland! This is exactly what you get for sleeping with the scum, Vasquez and Rangel! You and these evil minions made many unethical political deals. Now, you are whining that Needham is after you? Let’s recap shall we? You took part in a deal to oust Johnson (good deal), you pretended to support Joe by speaking against his firing, you encouraged a Joe supporter to go to the media with damaging information against the district given by AHHS teachers (which in essence, exacerbated the scandal), voted to make Needham president of the board, voted to hire Dansby for Super, and last but not least; you could’ve ended Joe’s firing 2/14/13, but instead you went along with your bedmates to fire him a second time! Now you tell me Ann, how does your past not haunt you and come back and bite you in the ass? Needham has always run the show; you have known this since the day you came on the board, but you trusted your bedmates to make those idiotic deals! You danced with the Devil and her corrupted minions! Your soul and political future is in Needham and Dansby’s hands! And we all know these two especially, are teaming up more than ever, since Dansby lost HIS supporters and feels he is next in line to go! Yep, you’re your screwed now and you have no one to blame but yourself and your bedmates.

    If you have any shred of morality left, you will start to sing like a canary! Do the right thing and voluntarily become a positive witness for Joe’s upcoming trial. You shocked many when you formed the alliance with the scum of the board and threw Joe under the bus, but one person you HURT the most when you did this, was Betty Brink! She was your friend; she defended you at every turn, even when it was apparent you were making deals with Vasquez and Rangel! She died feeling disheartened by your actions, because you NEVER made things right when you had the opportunity to do so. If for anyone else but Betty, you will do the right thing and blow down this insidious house of cards! Own up to your involvement thus far and bring them ALL DOWN! If you don’t, again, you have no one to blame for your epic fail! If you truly care about our kids and the future of our district; you will come forward and file against this district, for the humiliation and possible political career ending witch hunt. And just for the record, if and when you do decide to lawyer up, my suggestion is you DON’T get Jason Smith! This poor excuse for a lawyer is going to be investigated by the Bar Association very soon…I would bet on that! This yahoo is more interested in his cut of the monetary pie, instead of defending his client!

  3. If EVER there was a reason to get rid of Walter Dansby and the Tocco-like corruption he represents it was his performance Tuesday night. The Public has seen him for what he is: a corrupt fool who has no business in the position of Superintendent. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Guess he forgot you voted for him even when half the Board didn’t show for the first vote! You have all the information you need. You have Needham’s performance and that of her minions (like than worthless fossil Christene Moss) from Tuesday night. You have the curriculum audit which Dansby has kept from the public. You have extensive knowledge of the corruption and suppression in the Palazzolo case. We all heard them behind closed doors in the Palazzolo leak ( You know the truth behind February 14, 2012. You know that the computer systems are still a disaster. Finances are a wreck. Classrooms are still full of broken desk. The student – teacher ratios are too high to be effective. You know Dansby is creating MORE Central Office positions and filling them (as the promotions Tuesday night show) with the friends and family of his supporters (like Luther Loser Perry; and he PROMOTED Jason Oliver!). The Audit is out there. The DOE is coming. The Palazzolo case is about to blow up again. DO SOMETHING WITH IT! You call yourself a reformer – time to live the part. Time to speak out. GO PUBLIC! Help bring this House of Cards down. It is time to bring down the tyrant! Judy Needham has over-played her hand. Unfortunately people like Avilla (who had no business voting on this) are proving to be her rubber stamp. Cheers to Ashley Paz for staying out of the massacre. I agree with Justice. Like Vasquez, you turned your back on us. Time to make things right or become a Needham minion. Expose all of Needham’s dirty tricks and deals. Cowboy up! It is time to ACT!

  4. Something is very, very wrong in FWISD and it starts with Walter Dansby. I found his criticism of Sutherland “political” at best. This is a long time corrupt crook who NEVER should have been placed in this office. You voted for him Ann and you also voted for Needham and have allowed the Palazzolo fiasco to continue for three (3) years. Time to do something or simply step down.

  5. Nepotism is so evident for this corrupted and Capos administrators of FWISD. They are creating their own mess and just wait to see the results of their stupid decisions. Tell me whom you know or know you, and you will get the position. That is the rule to get the position. They have not published the changes. Look how many family members are getting the positions. This sucks.

    Ann, you trusted the medusa Needham. If you continue digging into the corrupted administrators at the central level, you will bring justice for students and employees of this district. You have a year to go as a board member. You can give hell to the corrupted fellows and their supporter. Don’t be discouraged.

    About Palazzolo, he has his hand tied with J. Smith and UEA.

  6. Why not ask Wendy Davis to contact DOE (not just the do nothing Civil RIghts Branch who have fiddled around for over two years – the REAL law enforcement types) and ask them to come in as they did in El Paso? You have seen the thousands of altered attendance documents Palazzolo turned over to TEA. You’ve also seen the manipulated discipline and the ludicrous “Reyna Report”. You know the truth but have been silent for your own political reasons. Now you’re “paying the piper”. It took a State Representative to being the Feds into El Paso in force. They removed the Board and prosecuted the Superintendent. We have everything in FWISD from free driveways for Needham and Sims to secret meetings with the Mayor and tax collection firms. C’mon Ann. Do something don’t just talk about it.

  7. Suggestion, if you have proof about those driveways, you can go to the feds yourself. This is the 1st I’ve heard of that and I’d love to see some proof. If it’s true and I don’t disbelieve it, even the people of Needhams disrict would vote her out. At least I hope they would. I’d hope that Sims district would recall him. There are a lot of accusations thrown around in the comments sections but little proof. Those that have it should be willing to provide it. As for Ann, Tuesday nights reading of the censure was such a flashback to what’s been happening w/ Joe. I glad An got to feel what it’s like to be ambushed w/ accusations not proof. Dansby your act of being hurt was pathetic.

  8. Suggestion, thank you for the links but those deal with things that happened 2 administrations ago. Believe me when I say that I’d like to see not only Needham and Sims gone but the whole board replaced but that can’t happen with rumor and innuendo, we need proof. It’s well know how corrupt Tocco’s administration was and how he may have purchased Dansby’s and Linares loyalty with $20,000
    per year each raises but if we the people want to change things we must deal with the now. I would urge anyone that has real proof of prosecitable wrong doing to go not to any local authorities but to the feds. We’ve seen how our DA responds to theft and corruption w/in the district when no one was prosecuted for the attendence scandal at Heights so we can’t trust that body. Joe was only offered a settlement because he went outside of Tarrant county. Even the district admitted they wanted his tial here where they might be able to influence things. please go to the feds and let’s get the district cleaned up.

    • I happen to agree with you. The Feds were here back then – it was their case. You can goggle it to see who cut deals to avoid prosecution. It is the same cast of characters. My point is that nothing has changed since then. If Ann wants to re-claim the title of reformer, it is she as a sitting Board Member who has a far better chance than you or I of getting the ball rolling. Franl;y I don’t have a lot of faith in her ability to deliver.

  9. I agree. W/o Rangel and the fat Dr. she is now isolated. W/ the exception of Paz, who wisely abstained from voting, the others are clearly aligned against her. It’s a shame that Avila has chosen the wrong side. But what can you expect from someone that wasn’t actually elected and got the job by default and manipulation.

  10. What an inflammatory, unnecessary move by the board Tuesday nite. To what purpose did it serve? What was the goal? How did it serve the board or FWISD operations. It did nothing but inflame already boiling undercurrents that Sutherland is the pesky one who must be run off. Other then Moss’s weak supporting argument of you talk off topic in the “back”–not one cowed, silent trustee said a word about the censure. Just raised their Zombie hands. Dansby’s claim he had no idea of the agenda’s content when Sutherland called him to discuss was laughable. He finally stuttered it was he who set the agenda but he was too busy he guessed, to recall those pesky details.
    Violations abound as this obviously was a well orchestrated set up involving much canvassing and planning away from the public eye.

  11. Ann, you have the opportunity to redeem yourself and do for FWISD what you have said you wanted to do since you were elected. Stand up for the children of FWISD. Stop covering up or count yourself as “one of them”. They have all been in the cover up business much longer than you have. They will beat you at this game. Only way you can come out without mud on your face is to tell the truth about what you know.

  12. The “proof” has been around with Johnson and more recently with Dansby! One of the oldest crypt keepers through it all has been Needham; she is the master puppeteer, with the others being her puppets. The problem with the public not knowing what’s going on is because NO ONE wants to report against FWISD! Needham and her lover’s money have made sure negative info about the district is kept away from the news. They are all entangled with corruptive deals. One covers for the other, so they continue to mutate over and over. The only way that the public will know about the corruption is if a person on the board comes forward and does the right thing! Vasquez won’t , because he’s too busy licking his wound and he has always been about his professional and personal gain. Rangel for sure wont come forward, b/c his wife has a nice high paying job in administration. So, until Ramos and Paz put their minds together and demand it all comes out in the open…we will continue to see the same. Needham is a snake; I heard she and Jackson attended Ramos’ win party. I have to question their integrity, because they are both snakes trying to entice Ramos to be their allies. DON’T DO IT CINTO! They know you are sick and tired of all the bullshit, so they will try to sugarcoat things to make you think they are on the same page. They’re ALL SCARED and are using Sutherland as a scapegoat to prove they make the rules! All of the reasons they stated for censure are things they ALL do on a regular basis! It’s a diversion and a fore warning for you and Paz not to think twice about “asking for open records”. Sutherland is not clean; she has her hands dirty with the Johnson firing, Palazzolo firing and Dansby rehiring. She voted Needham in as President on a facade promise they all had to provide a united front. On this, Sutherland shot herself in the foot. Well , lets be honest here; Sutherland has “shot off her feet” A LOT and she hasn’t learned her lesson yet. My prayer is that she will step up to the plate and really be the reformer she claims to be. I might even forgive and forget her transgressions if she THROWS THEM ALL UNDER THE BUS! DO THE RIGHT THING!!! PLEASE!!!

    • We who helped CINTO get elected will be right there with him. As with anything we will see the actions he takes but the many family members and friends that sorround him have kept him humbled. We will be sharing all of this information with him so that he has enough information to know what the others are trying to do. Yes Sims, Needham and Jackson showed up at the celebration and were talking about Rangel and Vasquez which is like eating their own who helped them but that’s how snakes work. We made sure Cinto knew how two-faced they were and like the true gentleman he is…he greeted and went about his business. He sees right through them. Oh and Johnson also helped out by supporting Paz. Not sure how that will play out but if our new members have seen or heard then they will vote for what is right and not like the current ones who are merely followers and don’t take up a position.
      On the issue with the district audit.. will have to scan and send to the weekly to post. From what we can read, the district is in total disarray. Money is not tied to specific spending on instruction, no accountability put in place and so on. It is what we have always said has been wrong and no wonder they don’t want it published but will share it soon.

  13. The pillage of our tax dollars by Dansby, this is why they want Dr. Sutherland censored!
    Read how Dansby just told the board on Tuesday, that raises were coming for his peeps. This without board approval. Nice to know that he can do whatever he wants with district dollars. Dansby is a bully. Spend money on instruction, not overpaid central admins.
    Support Dr. Sutherland!

  14. Guess who the last Superintendent was who gave his married girlfriend a promotion/raise without Board approval? That’s right! TOCCO. But then again, Dansby already promoted his girlfriend to Assist. Super. Makes ya wonder about the women these guys are married to doesn’t it?

    • “Oh well” is right! This makes me sick about the mockery these idiots keep making of our district and the taxpayer’s money! OMG, this continues to be a disgrace and NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!! Dansby was already a scum to begin with, just like his mentor Tocco. Then you add that his “girlfriend” Sherry Breed Love was promoted to Assistant Super right after he became Super…WTF? Oh and it gets better. Sutherland reported in her blog that Dansby is giving Sammie Monge et. al. raises without board approval??!! For what??? Our district did NOT do well at all! Their were 41 failing schools reported! This man is a great actor, as proven by his comments written on this article; he is despicable and proof that he is all about making sure he gets a hefty retirement check, by having a hefty salary! This fool is ALL about the money and so are his cohorts…every one of them! And you all threw the employees a pittance of 4% raise, while you fat cats give hundreds of thousands in raises to yourselves! What about taking a cut and putting back some of it to improve the schools and not just football fields? This is ridiculous and shameful, but so the norm for this moronic group of people. All the while, our students keep getting shafted and learning keeps getting crammed deeper into the ground. The audit must come out and TEA or DOE must act now!!!!!

  15. All you have to do is look at who the new directors, principals and APs are to see the good old boy (and girl) system is alive and well in FWISD. Apparently if your mother, daddy, aunt, uncle or good friend is Director or above you are guaranteed a ladder to the top regardless of the amount of time or experience you have in education. It is shameful. Probably a forth of all of the promotions Tuesday night had a family member in the “upper” ranks. These people have no ethics, morals and certainly no shame. The people taking the jobs surely know what people are saying about them. Scary stuff right there!!!


    Mr. Eric Griffey, can you investigate why the FWISD has not posted the new assignments to Central Administration positions? You will find out how the nepotism continues being an issue under Dansby dictatorial style. It is evident that they can hire their favorites, but most of the people who have been promoted to leadership positions have not proven themselves in their previous positions. Why is this happening with the use of taxpayer, State and Federal money? I thought nepotism is considered a crime in the labor laws and State statues for public offices. Can you request the list and post it on your blogg? We can tell you who was promoted and why they got their position. Request it please and publish it.

    Do the anti-nepotism rules apply to FWISD? Maybe FWISD is exempted from the anti-nepotism. The Commissioner of the Texas of Education and the Attorney General of Texas need to be aware about the FWISD practices.

    Here is the anti-nepotism statues for chapter 573:

    Anti-nepotism statutes, Government Code chapter 573, to an independent school district.’ See TEX. GOV’T CODE ANN. ch. 573 (Vernon 1994 & Supp. 2004).

    Chapter 573 regulates the appointment or employment of a public official’s close relatives to positions within the official’s appointment or confirmation authority. Section 573.041 prohibits a public official from appointing, confirming the appointment of, or voting to appoint or confirm an individual to a position that is to be directly or indirectly compensated from public funds or fees of office if:

    (1) the individual is related to the public official within a degree described by [s]ection 573.002; or

    (2) the public official holds the appointment or confirmation authority as a member of a state or local board . . . and the individual is related to another member

    Id. 8 573.041 (Vernon 1994). Section 573.041( 1) refers to “relationships within the third degree by consanguinity or within the second degree by affinity.” Id. 6 573.002; see also id. $3 573.021-.025 (Vernon 1994 & Supp. 2004) (providing for determining relationships by consanguinity or by affinity). Appointments to certain positions are excepted, see id. 8 573.061 (Vernon Supp. 2004),
    of time prior to the official’s election or appointment, see id. 5 573.062 (Vernon 1994). An ineligible individual who is appointed to a position, notwithstanding the prohibition, may not be paid for any work performed in the position: “A public official may not approve an account or draw or authorize the drawing of a warrant or order to pay the compensation of an ineligible individual if the official knows the individual is ineligible.” Id. 5 573.083.

    • Dansby’s niece was hired and works at Metro; Palazzolo’s termination getting paid a $10,000 “bonus by Ray himself (believe Betty reported on this); Sims has a son in law; Luther Perry (big Danby supporter) has a son; forgot who that loser Jason Oliver is related to………………..

      • Dansby has always broken policies to achieve his agenda. He has abused his power. I have presented every single school board member with an issues concerning abuse of his power by Dansby. Not a single school board member contacted me regarding my issues.

        Dansby has abuse his power by remove teachers from Dunbar. He want to turn around Dunbar. It’s ok to turn around Dunbar but not by hurting good teachers.

        Every dirt about Dansby needs to be brought to light.

        Eric, feel free to contact me at

  17. Should have read: Dansby’s niece was hired and works at Metro; Robert Ray has a nephew who has bounced around the Admin Bldg and worked on Palazzolo’s termination getting paid a $10,000 “bonus by Ray himself (believe Betty reported on this); Sims has a son in law; Luther Perry (big Danby supporter) has a son; forgot who that loser Jason Oliver is related to………………..

    • Disgusted–Luther Perry does have a son. He’s married to a staffer in HCM saved by Monge in his “re-org” and given a $10,000 a year raise while 17 other people, most of them white and older, and had been with the district longer, lost their jobs!

  18. Very interesting that they have not published new appointments, except principals. What about the new network directors and assistant principals. All in the family!!! Also, what do the network specialist do when school is over and they have no teachers to support???? Do they really need 220 contracts. Appears they are all looking for something to “look busy” right now! AND they are hiring more of them for next year. Central Office keeps growing and growing. Uggghhhhh

  19. They did not publish the list of promotions and assignments to the public. Too many moves and relatives assigned to administrators positions without proven themselves in the previous positions. The network people are a joke. You probably don’t know that each day the network employee only work one third of the day, the rest of the time is traveling, hiding, pretending, informing and killing time. If they were used to teach children with their “expertise” at the low performing campuses maybe they will do a dent into the problem. Send all of them to the eastside to see if they can make a change over here. Tocco has the same system and it did not work.

    Dansby has created an unnecessary bureaucracy that is depleting the funding that could be used to reduce student-teacher ratio on campuses. Teachers are joking a lot about all the things they have to experience on the daily basis with these funny people.

    Wait for the list of promotions and assignments and you will find the nepotism in place.

    • Dansby was mentored by Tocco. It all comes back to the same thing: Vasquez, Rangel and Sutherland would not listen to those who tried to tell them Dansby was part of the problem. He has to go before he bankrupts FWISD. Prepare for more failing schools – and Sorum is STILL here.

  20. With Vasquez and Rangel gone, Dansby is living in fear. He has bought off Tatum with a job; and is seeking to insulate and shore his position with political appointments a la Tocco. He is long time bully and womanizer. Needham is always in the background as many have said, pulling the puppet strings. One need only look to T.A. Sims to feel despair for the Black community. A true puppet. Someone who supported Tocco and can’t even tell that his micro phone is on – but then again he barely stays awake in Board Meetings anyway. But there is hope: Gyna Bivens stood up to the Moss family machine and won. Hopefully Christene Moss is counting her days as well. But Needham and Dansby have played their cards too soon. The Palazzolo settlement has collapsed courtesy T. A. Sims and his open mic. It is alleged that what really got Ann was her request for a copy of the deposition of Needham in the Palazzolo case. No doubt this is chock full of interesting tidbits about cocktails and dinners and favors. Mayor Price was even rumored to have participated in one with Needham, Jackson and a certain legal firm involved in tax collecting and harassing Palazzolo. Stay tuned. Ann it really is up to you. True, your fair weather friends (Kyev Tatum, Linda LaBeau Vasquez and Rangel) have left you to fend for yourself, but others who gave up on you because of your misguided political games, will rally behind you if you fight.

  21. Dansby is a snake charmer; he apparently has many snakes he charms, especially using the one between his legs! People, this malevolence has been going on since before Tocco! That psycho bastard reinforced it and aligned himself with many evil doers like himself. One evil doer that has remained a constant is Dansby! Is it a coincidence that this jerk walked out of his superintendent’s test because he couldn’t pass it, took it again and failed it, then the district hired a tutor to help him pass it a 3rd time? Oh yeah, money well spent right? What about the 60K+ spent on a bogus superintendent search? They didn’t have any candidates! There was only one that Vasquez and Rangel were pushing for…Dansby! It was him all the time! Spent all that money just for one asshole to be the first “African American Superintendent’ in the history of FWISD!?

    Dr. Sutherland; you have made your mistakes by taking candy from idiots! However, you and only you, know the ramifications. We are not going to judge you, because that’s God’s job, not ours. You had your reasons and it’s politics, albeit bad politics; I’m sure you were threatened or backed into a corner. This district always operates in this intimidating and bullying manner. Conversely, you have an opportunity here to turn so many wrongs into many rights! You alone hold the key to bringing these corrupted asses down. So what if they turn around and try to drag you down with them? Well, in my opinion, a jury would tend to believe someone, who is a “Whistleblower” for the right reason, before they believe a whole gaggle of corrupted assholes like Needham, Dansby, Moss, Sims, Jackson, Brandt, Jason Smith, etc!

    PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING in Betty’s memory…PLEASE? She started this journey with Joe, because she believed in justice; she dedicated her life to it and you know it! She died and her work is unfinished, but YOU have the power to make her work count! Eric has been amazing in reporting all that his has thus far…one would even say that Betty’s spirit might also be working through him. Let the fervor Betty had for justice to uncover the district’s corruption, become YOUR fervor! Redeem yourself!

      • Dr. Sutherland: Thank you for acknowledging my post! I want to apologize for using many expletives describing the board and Dansby! I am personally so passionate about our kids and want our district to be better than it has been in years. We are tired of certain board members and key administrative authorities, who put their nefarious personal and professional agendas first. This self-serving mindset continues to harm the success of our students and our district as a whole. As far as I can remember; this district has been more involved in defending itself against wrongdoing than being in the media for making positive strides toward education! We all want the same thing Dr. Sutherland; we all want the focus to be back on the “S” in FWISD! Thank you for publically saying what we have known for quite some time, “It was a mistake to support Dansby”! Please know that the community and employees would be behind you, if you truly come out swinging for the betterment of our district. I continue to feel that you can make a significant impact on changing this district, if you come forward and tell what you know about how they have manipulated, bullied and retaliated against many, especially Joe. Your truth has to be the impetus for justice! Help us…help our students!

  22. And charm he does. People that know what he is find him very dangerous. When in his presence he can make you think he cares about not only FWISD but you personally. After a couple of hours away from him the charm starts wearing off and it is freaky!!!!!

  23. It is time we all came together to clean FWISD up once and for all. Dansby has turned this District into a “third world” ISD. He needs to take Ray, Monge, Mendoza, Breed, Sorum, Bond, Griffith, Green and all of the other corrupt capos with him out the door. Come on parents. No renewal. This time a real search! Then we need to clean out the Board starting with Needham, Sims, Moss and Jackson.