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Happy Bubbles to Me

Chow, Baby
Birthdays are always a little bittersweet for Chow, Baby. On the one hand, I’m a year older, and another year has passed in which I didn’t realize my dream of becoming a movie star-astronaut-fireman-novelist-scientist-profe...

Sweet Salvation

Chow, Baby
When the original Chow, Baby (a.k.a. Christy Goldfinch) recommended a restaurant for me to review, I jumped on the idea and also invited her to come along.  (At first I wasn’t sure if we were allowed in the same room tog...

Bacon Burgers

Chow, Baby
Li’l Chow, Baby was inspired by the movie Footloose. Kevin Bacon’s character moves to a small town that doesn’t allow dancing, but that isn’t going to stop him from organizing a prom. Armed only with his love for dance,...

Dear Chow, Baby

Editor’s note: Despite Christy Goldfinch’s departure from the role, Chow, Baby goes on. See page 27 for this week’s column.
John Q. Reader
Oh no. Say it isn’t so. I’m very disappointed. Having kicked my weekend off with your column for years now, I will miss my Chow, Baby very much. Once I even went to an Asian place on East Berry Street called “Ho” becaus...

A Disturbance in the (Foodie) Force?

Chow, Baby
Call me naïve, but I expected a little more ceremony when I took on the Chow, Baby challenge — maybe a walk under an arch of Wusthof knives held by chefs? A scepter? At least a cardboard crown. Instead I got Chinese food, wh...

So Long, and Thanks for All the Chicken-Fried

Everybody breathe a sigh of relief: This is my very last Chow, Baby column ever.

Gris-Gris a Go-Go

Chow, Baby
This is why Chow, Baby shops local: First, Joe at Woody’s Car Audio found the perfect stereo to fit the Chowbabymobile’s retro-mod looks as well as his near-zero console space. Then, after Chow, Baby’s heartwrenching cry ...

Don’t Go Changing

Chow, Baby
This week we launch a new occasional series, “Love What You Haven’t Done with the Place.” Chow, Baby came up with this while chilling on the unadorned yet comfy patio at Al Amir (2349 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington), enjoyin...

The Memory of Pie

Chow, Baby
Hate when this happens: Chow, Baby ate at Fireside Pies (2949 Crockett St.) more than a month ago, but the review kept getting pushed back for higher priorities, like filling an entire column with a rant on smashed burgers. Now...

Fare’s Fair

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby tries so hard not to be a conspiracy theorist — well, maybe not that hard — and then along comes yet another scheme that benefits everybody except the consumer: separating money from its value, as in having to bu...