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Fort Worthology: Pinnacle Place Update

Kevin Buchanan
Part of the appeal of removing the old I-30 overhead freeway from Lancaster Avenue downtown (apart from getting rid of a hideous relic of failed post-war auto-centric city planning that was strangling the entire south end of th...

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Fort Worthology: Fake Urbanism vs. Real Urbanism

Kevin Buchanan
If you’ve spent any time at all along 7th Street lately, you’ve no doubt noticed that a Tom Thumb is being built across from Trinity Park and the So7 development in what is being called “Left Bank,” at 7th and Stayton S...


Fort Worthology: South Main Inches Closer To Being A Place Again

Kevin Buchanan
I know it’s hard to remember a time when South Main wasn’t a post-apocalyptic land of construction equipment, dirt piles, and roving gangs of spice raiders, but think back. Back to the Before Time, in the Long, Long Ago, wh...


Fort Worthology: About Urbanism

Kevin Buchanan
I thought I’d take a brief break from prattling on about architecture and urban design to instead discuss what I mean when I talk about architecture and urban design, and write some pieces introducing the concepts behind walk...


Jurassic Park

It’s taken a decade for historic land along the Trinity in Arlington to go from lawless to flawless.
Karen Gavis
Art Sahlstein has seen it all. From his two-story home in Euless, the 59-year-old recently re-married father of three recalls mud flying from the tires of four-wheel drive vehicles, a screaming, mosquito-slapping wild man, and ...


Fort Worthology: Apartment Design and Affordability

Kevin Buchanan
Recently, I used this space to take issue with some elements of the aesthetics of large apartment developments. To recap: In trying to wrap around and disguise their equally large parking garages, designers often resort to maki...


Fort Worthology: 919 Alston Avenue

Kevin Buchanan
With Fort Worth’s track record of protecting historic buildings being, shall we say, inconsistent at best, it’s always nice to see one of those old survivors get a new lease on life. That’s exactly what’s happened to th...

Hardy: “It seems to be slowly improving down here.” Photo by Jeff Prince.

Race Redux?

Signs point to an extended revitalization in Riverside.
Jeff Prince
How many times can a phoenix rise, for chrissakes? Fifty years ago, Race Street became a thriving business district serving East Fort Worth at the so-called Six Points intersection, where Riverside Drive and Race and East Belkn...

Storms in New Jerusalem

A newbie tackles Baruch Spinoza’s heady philosophizing in Stage West’s latest.
When Garret Storms auditioned last year for Stage West’s current production of David Ives’ New Jerusalem, his hopes weren’t particularly high. He’d just returned to Fort Worth to live with his family after earning a BFA...

Best Of 2011

Faces and Phases/2011
Take a look at the cover of this, our biggest issue of the year. It was done by two students from the Art Institute of Fort Worth, each working separately on half of a portrait, neither able to see what the other was doing. The...