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The Bay Area’s Burnt Ones concert at the Where House iincludes two outstanding, progressive Fort Worth bands: Vacations (featuring members of Fungi Girls) and The Fibs.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 2 There’s no telling when The Where House will close. All that we know for sure is that it will. And probably sooner rather than later, so tonight’s show has special significance. Headlined by the Bay Area’s Burnt...

Hank Williams Jr. Aims Poison Pen At FOX, ESPN

Jeff Prince
Hank Williams Jr. is the gift that keeps on giving. First he ranted about politics and Hitler on Fox & Friends, apologized later to keep his gig at Monday Night Football but got dumped anyway, and then went on the attack. L...

Cori Lynn At Lone Star In Sundance Square Saturday

Jeff Prince
Local pop singer Cori Lynn is putting on a show and releasing a new CD and music video at 3 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) at Lone Star in Sundance Square near ESPN’s Super Bowl headquarters.   Cori Lynn’s music is...

NFL Football Monument Set For Sundance Square

Jeff Prince
You’d think two National Football League teams, a massive ESPN crew,  hundreds of thousands of fans and revelers, global media scrutiny, and all the various bookies, prostitutes, drug dealers, con artists, and assorted r...

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser Nips Hannah Storm, Learns Clarice Rule

Jeff Prince
When will TV news guys learn that you can’t mess with TV news gals? ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser is the latest to learn the Clarice Rule. He’s been suspended for daring to criticize the wardrobe of colleague Hannah Storm. His r...