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(courtesy of governor's office)

Gov. Greg Abbott Gives Big Wet Kiss To Oil And Gas

Jeff Prince
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB40 into law today. The law, as described by Abbott’s press office, preempts “regulation of oil and gas activity at the city level and resides that duty with the state, and ensures tha...

Tamera Bounds, founder of the Mansfield Gas Well Alliance, wanted “three important things” but got, really, only one. Lee Chastain

Gas Industry Holds on Tight

After losing in Denton, the industry turns on the charm in Mansfield.
Peter Gorman
Nobody’s really happy. Not the residents of Mansfield who wanted major changes to the city’s gas- drilling ordinance. And not the industry, whose leaders decided to draw a line in the Barnett Shale sand after suffering a de...

gas sign

The Mystery Of Erni ‘s

Jeff Prince
My favorite gas station on Jacksboro Highway is selling gas for $2.57 a gallon today, the lowest price I’ve seen at the pump in a long while. The last time gas sold at $2.50 a gallon was in the summer of 2009. I’ve ...


Reverse Sticker Shock Today At Gas Pump

Jeff Prince
When I filled my gas tank last week, the cost was over $3 a gallon. Today — $2.89 a gallon. Seems like it’s been a couple years since I recall seeing a “2″ at the front of a gas price. Thanks Obama! (If ...


Compressing Agony

Noise is yet another painful payoff for gas-industry neighbors.
Charles Morgan chose his home in Buffalo, a little town 70 miles southeast of Fort Worth, for its serene surroundings and solitude. That was 25 years ago, following first a career in the military and then in the Texas criminal ...

Tanker truck traffic around injection wells is just one of the reasons they’re unpopular with neighbors. Gayle Reaves

Toxic Torts

A case before the Texas Supreme Court could affect the use of injection wells for drilling wastes.
Texas property owners can post their land against trespassers. But what do you do when the interloper is toxic liquid spreading far beneath the surface of your land from someone else’s well and possibly poisoning your water s...


A Little Sanity from the IG…

As reported in last week’s cover story (“Range Wars,” Dec. 25, 2013), the Environmental Protection Agency in 2010 issued an emergency order to Range Resources Corp., finding that the company had contaminated the Parker Co...


Turkey Awards 2013

This year’s flock of pavos: pedaling into infamy.
You know what they say about bright lights and big cities. In this case, how are you going to keep the turkeys down on the farm when they’ve seen Austin and Washington, D.C.? Yes folks, the current Turkey Awards flock leans a...

Eleanor Fairchild stands inside the new gulley in her land — courtesy of the Keystone XL pipeline. Kathy Da Silva

A Thorn for Trans-Canada

Damage to her creek has only hardened one woman’s opposition to the tar sands pipeline.
TransCanada, the giant energy firm building a pipeline from Oklahoma to the Texas coast as part of a project that would carry tar sands bitumen all the way from Canada, is finding more fight in some Texas landowners than the co...

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QT’s $4.44 Per Gallon Sign A Look Into Future?

Jeff Prince
This gas sign caught me off guard while I was driving on Jacksboro Highway and noticed it out of the corner of my eye. Uh, $4.44 for gas? Fortunately, it’s a QuikTrip convenience store and gas station that’s under c...