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This Promise Unbroken

Last month, Static told you about how the long-running play The Promise was in danger of being shut down after 25 years. Somervell County was considering closing its Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose due to budget constraints and...


Resurrecting The Promise

The musical Cats ran for 18 years on Broadway (1982 to 2000), but that’s kitty litter compared to The Promise, now in its 25th season at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose. Despite its long run and popularity — more than 2...


Proof of (Culinary) Life

Chow, Baby
Not that long ago, Chow, Baby was a road warrior, constantly jumping in its topless Jeep to see where the road would take me. Age and neurosis have taken their toll, and I’m less inclined to throw caution to the wind these da...

Chalk Mountain Still In Crosshairs

Jeff Prince
When the Super Bowl is played in Arlington next year and Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones is racing down the field to score the winning touchdown, the announcer will yell, “He’s at the 40…the 30…the 20…the 10...