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Sports Rush: Mavs Gotta Do What Exactly?

Rush Olson
The Dallas Mavericks head into the free agency season coming off a playoff season. They played a gutty series against an exceptionally talented Oklahoma City team while shorthanded. For some rosters, that might lead an optimist...


Winning At Free Agency Is Harder Than It Looks

Rush Olson
You should give Mark Cuban or Donnie Nelson a big high-five the next time you see one of them at the massage parlor or Elk Lodge bingo tournament. They did something really tough. Armed only with piles of money, they signed two...

KIM KARDASHIAN GETS PAMPERED (courtesy of wikipedia)

Mark Cuban Could Have Avoided Lamar Odom Fiasco

Jeff Prince
It’s surprising that Mark Cuban, a guy who stars on reality TV, apparently wasn’t watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar several years ago. If he’d been keeping up with those shows he w...


Not So Crazy

Mark Cuban is a lightning rod who isn’t afraid to give his opinion on anything from the state of journalism to politics. But he’s not just a lunatic in a tinfoil hat collecting stray cats (no offense to our in-house cat lov...

Mavs uniform

You Can Design the Mavericks’ Uniforms

Kristian Lin
The always-enterprising Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just announced on his blog that he’s throwing an open contest to design the team’s uniforms for the 2015-16 season. Already people are posting their ideas. T...

EDDIE GAEDEL AT BAT (Associated Press photo from Wikipedia public site)

Mark Cuban Envisions Brittney Griner As Maverickess

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Morning News report that Mark Cuban is considering drafting Baylor women’s basketball standout Brittney Griner reinforces the notion that the Dallas Mavericks owner is a marketing genius. Griner has about as mu...

Mark Cuban’s Gift To The World

Jeff Prince
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might have delivered the final wake-up call when he grew tired of the listless attitude and lazy play of Lamar Odom and sent him packing. TMZ is reporting today that Odom is ending the Khloe &a...

Can Mark Cuban Be Quiet Again Please?

Jeff Prince
It was so nice to hear silence from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the long playoff run. But then his team became NBA champs. And now he’s back to his old self. Sure, he’s innovative, which is how he parla...

Mark Cuban Making Deal With Devil?

Jeff Prince
My lateral incisors are dripping tiger blood at the thought of the two most annoying men in the world — actor Charlie Sheen and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — hooking up for a HDNet TV show or business deal of ...

One More Reason I Love America

Jeff Prince
The battle between Big Tex and Big Mouth — Nolan Ryan vs. Mark Cuban — was finally settled this morning, and Ryan’s investor group looks to be the new owner of the Texas Rangers. But that’s not why I lov...