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The Gym and I: Twerk is the New Squat

Alexis Matthews
I like to think of myself as a good dancer. In my mind, and after multiple drinks, I feel like I am the best dancer in the world. That myth is often debunked when I trip over my own feet while trying to do a simple ‘grapevine...

Dan Lam uses a cake frosting squirter to apply the tiny horns to her sculptures. Photo by Jeff Prince.

Miley’s Muse

Artist Dan Lam’s colorful drip art to be exhibited in Fort Worth.
Jeff Prince
Dan Lam didn’t break Instagram after she began posting photos of her colorful and unique drip sculptures last summer. Fewer than 1,000 people followed her back then. But the 28-year-old artist kept posting pictures, and her b...


Dallas Cowboys Off Asides: Seattle Seahawks, Coat Of Many Colors

Jeff Prince
Does anybody out there ever have this feeling? You’re doing something ordinary like driving a car, watching TV, listening to the radio, mowing the yard, whatever. All of a sudden you’re struck with a feeling that everyt...


Arlington Grows Up Too Fast

Apparently, Arlington is the Miley Cyrus of North Texas mid-cities –– willing to go to any lengths to prove they’re all grown-up and ready to shock us. Things went to hell in a handbasket last year as soon as city leaders...


Miley Cyrus Twerks, Tongues MTV VMA Show

Jeff Prince
USA Today called it “embarrassingly raunchy.” The online community is brutal this morning. Kelly Clarkson, without mentioning names, referred to the “pitchy strippers” on stage at the VMAs. Outrage aboun...

Nice Save Attempt On Tim McGraw

Jeff Prince
An interesting quote pops up near the bottom of Pete Alfano’s Startlegram story on Tim McGraw playing a Super Bowl-related concert at Cowboys Stadium in September. Host committee president Bill Lively said they searched high ...