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CHILI PIE (photo by Jose Kevo)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Da Bearz

Jeff Prince
Guinness World Records was at the State Fair of Texas yesterday to witness a high-water mark in this state’s grand history of culinary exquisiteness — the largest chili pie ever. It took 1,325 pounds of Fritos, chee...

Hank Williams Jr. Aims Poison Pen At FOX, ESPN

Jeff Prince
Hank Williams Jr. is the gift that keeps on giving. First he ranted about politics and Hitler on Fox & Friends, apologized later to keep his gig at Monday Night Football but got dumped anyway, and then went on the attack. L...

R U Ready For Some Hank-less Football?

Jeff Prince
Defenders of free speech are rallying behind Hank Williams Jr. in his fall-out with ESPN over his Hitler remark. ESPN canned the singer after he dared to utter the word Hitler and Obama in the same sentence. ESPN has the right ...

Hank Williams Jr. Gets Dixie Chicked

Jeff Prince
Monday Night Football began in an odd, quiet way last night, with a spoken word narrative over football footage. Yawn. Missing was the pounding piano introduction leading into “Are You Ready” by Hank Williams Jr., t...

Happy Birthday To A Badass!

Jeff Prince
Not many people own an NFL record that will never be broken. (The first clip on this video shows Dorsett’s record-setting run on MNF). Former Dallas Cowboy running back Tony Dorsett is one of those people. His 99-yard tou...