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Blasting Off

“Come to The Rocket,” a friend said. “It’s a new burger place on the North Side. It kinda reminds me of Casino’s.”


Meander named its new debut album, The Tower, after the tarot card indicating radical change, chaos, and an upheaval in the status quo. Progressive to the core, The Tower twists and astonishes throughout, capturing both existen...

Outback Symphony

The earnest and completely uninventive Australian drama Broken Hill is about Tommy McAlpine (Luke Arnold, an Australian TV star who strongly resembles Adrian Grenier), a teenager who dreams of becoming a composer as he grows up...

New Avenue

When Luke Wade sits down to write a song, he often starts with nothing more than a melody. A cappella, he can concentrate on a simple vision, a concise emotion. The music comes later.

The Zoo Redux

Thirty years ago, if you were in high school and you had a car, you almost had to have a sticker in your back window swearing fealty to either of two radio stations: KZEW/98-FM The Zoo or KTXQ/102-FM Q102.

Right Directions

Kurt South is a regular guy who happens to know how to play the guitar and sing. Rather than craft mysterious epics, South plays the way he lives: simply and clearly. His country-blended, acoustically focused compositions follo...

Weekender/Hip-Tips, Fri., June 12

Anthony Mariani
Shows to see this weekend: Dove Hunter and Ghostcar tomorrow (Saturday) at Lola’s Saloon Stockyards (105 W Exchange Av, 817-386-5008). Tix are $6. Also tomorrow (Saturday): Rivercrest Yacht Club, Sally Majestic, and Automorro...

‘Dall House

Jimmy Fowler
If you’ve been involved with the FW music and film scene during the last 15 years or so (especially the Ridglea), you probably know Melissa Kirkendall. She’s been a business owner/booker/manager/filmmaker/artistic director ...

Weekender, Fri., May 15

Anthony Mariani
C’mon. You’ve got to admit: There’s a part of you that thinks sonic art is bullshit. The thought has to have crossed your mind that that guy “playing” his guitar with a pencil and a movie ticket stub is pulling your l...

Local Boys on Tour with Rock Giants

Anthony Mariani
Local pop-rockers and Capital Records signees Green River Ordinance are going out on tour with two heavy-hitters: singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw and ‘90s radio giants Collective Soul. There aren’t any local dates, though. Feh.