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Being A Woman Is No Longer A Pre-Existing Condition

Today, under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, new and critical benefits for women take effect, according to a press release from the secretary of health and human services. For starters, under most ...

Texas Planned Parenthood Continues the Fight

Today attorneys for Texas Planned Parenthood were in federal court once again to “protect access to preventative health care including cancer screenings, birth control and annual exams” for more than 50,000 women wh...

Oklahoma Women Win One in War on Reproductive Rights

“When it comes to fighting for reproductive rights, there’s often no sweeter word than ‘unconstitutional,’” wrote spokesperson Nancy Northup in a press release from the Center for Reproductive Rights today, an...

Texas Women’s Health Care Dies Under Perry’s Scalpel

On Thursday, more than 130,000 Texas women faced the unthinkable. They lost access to their primary care health provider because a small cadre of Republican legislators decided that “small government” really means small eno...

Rally Today to Support Women’s Health in Texas

At 2 p.m. this afternoon, Planned Parenthood and the  “women’s health express” will be coming to Fort Worth to protest “attacks on women’s health and family planning” in this state,  Steve Maxwell, head of...

Seeing Red

On the lawn of the state capital in Austin yesterday, about 200 women showed up at an impromptu demonstration called by Grammy nominee Marcia Ball, to protest the state’s adoption of a rule that would effectively shut down th...

Has Rick’s Run Become Roadkill?

The religious right may be getting ready to ditch the Rick Perry they helped create.
Steve McVicker
Texas Gov. Rick Perry started his campaign with a prayer rally in Houston last August designed to give him a boost with religious evangelicals even before his official announcement. Backers claimed 30,000 of the faithful attend...

Hail Perry Full of …

The governor’s latest political ad gets lots of attention, most of it bad.
Just when it seemed Rick Perry’s flagging presidential campaign couldn’t get any more desperate, his latest Iowa TV ad disproved that belief.

Desperation Play

Perry’s roundhouse swings are getting wilder.
In trying to pull his presidential campaign out of a nosedive, Gov. Rick Perry is escalating his attack on all things Washington. His latest proposals include making serving in Congress a part-time job, for half the current $17...

Good Luck to 1919

John Q. Reader
To the editor: I enjoyed reading Jimmy Fowler’s story on 1919 Hemphill (“Evolving at 1919,” Oct. 12, 2011). It’s a unique place for music, films, causes, and so forth — an island of blue in this area’s sea of red. W...