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(Tanstaafl Pub Facebook photo)

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Libertarians Meeting

Jeff Prince
My favorite old haunt –Tanstaafl Pub — is getting media attention for hosting this week’s Tarrant County Libertarians Meetup. Examiner.com political writer Garry Reed tried to connect the pub’s acronym f...

Blondie Abducted, Still Missing

Jeff Prince
The first time Blondie entered my consciousness was at a Larry Joe Taylor festival in about 1992. I’ll never forget her. I walked up to somebody’s campsite where musicians were standing in a circle and playing blueg...

Arlington Needs Another Cool Place

Jeff Prince
This morning’s Star-Tellygram headline practically knocked me out of my seat: Ten Cool Things To See And Do In Arlington. Are there that many? Apparently not. Veteran writer  John Austin has covered A-town for years but ...