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George W. Bush’s Worst Moment?

Kristian Lin
As the Democrats lick their wounds from the midterm elections, they’re probably thankful that they’ve retained control of the U.S. Senate, but they’re more likely cursing their luck that these comments by form...

Musical Haves, Have-Nots Reflect Society

Jeff Prince
The separation of rich and poor keeps growing wider in the United States. Economically, the “haves” are getting richer and smaller in number, while the “have-nots” are growing poorer and larger in number...

Nice Save Attempt On Tim McGraw

Jeff Prince
An interesting quote pops up near the bottom of Pete Alfano’s Startlegram story on Tim McGraw playing a Super Bowl-related concert at Cowboys Stadium in September. Host committee president Bill Lively said they searched high ...

Breaking News: Taylor Swift Clumsy Too

Jeff Prince
In what can only be described as divine intervention, Taylor Swift dropped and broke one of her ill-begotten Grammy awards: What’s worse, she mentions that it’s the second time that night that she’d dropped an...

Breaking News: Taylor Swift Sucks

Jimmy Fowler
Like most of America in September 2009, I was harrumphing about what an asshole Kanye West was for interrupting sweet urchin Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA-winning moment. After watching her performance on last night’s Grammy telec...

Miles Austin Has Heart On … Taylor Swift

Jeff Prince
The Tiger Woods scandal is just a brilliant ruse to cover up the real sexual story of the year – Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin’s fantasies about teen singing sensation Taylor Swift. In this Cosmo “exclusive”...