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Hunka Burning Love

If you’re hankering for kangaroo nachos, elk loin, and white truffle macaroni –– and who isn’t? –– you’re out of luck. Lonesome Dove Western Bistro caught fire this week and will be out of operation for a while, a...


Love Shack on Bluebonnet Circle to Close

Eric Griffey
Tim Love’s burger empire has been reduced by one. About a year after closing his Love Shack in the West 7th area, a statement released today from the ownership group announced that the Bluebonnet Circle location would  s...

It’s Tim Love’s world; we just live here.

He’s Left Love All Over Us

Chow, Baby
It’s springtime, and Love is in the air. I mean, everywhere, like pollen. I’m not talking about the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when the person of your dreams lifts the restraining order. No, I’m talking about Fort Worth ...

It must be Sunday

Yes to the New Oui?

Eh, Maybe.
Last Call
If there’s an award for the most polarizing personality in Fort Worth, I’d like to nominate Tim Love. Foodies seem to love him, and service industry people seem to hate him. Personally, I don’t have an opinion, because I...

Troubaderos, FM2865 To Face Off In Final Showdown

Jeff Prince
The Troubaderos edged out Dale Riley & The Last Train South at last night’s semi-final round of the Texas Music Showdown with KHYI’s Brett Dillon. Both band’s played entertaining sets, but the surprising c...

Casey Damn James Topped By Four Left Turns

Jeff Prince
Two young, guitar-slinging rockers named Casey James hail from these parts. Only one got sent home from a singing competition last night. Fort Worth’s Casey James performed well and will certainly remain in the American Idol ...

Chef Tim Love Back on Bravo

Chef/Owner Tim Love (Lonesome Dove, Love Shack) will be back on the Bravo Network’s hit show Top Chef. Love, who recently competed on the network’s Top Chef Masters show, will appear as a guest judge on this season&...

The Fort’s Burgermeister Strikes Again

Jimmy Fowler
Tim Love’s new Love Shack So7, located at 817 Matisse St off West 7th, has a grand opening celebration this Sunday August 2. Love is a lamb admirer, and to prove he ain’t just bleatin’ Dixie, the baa-aahd-ass 3-6pm festiv...

Tim Love’s Appearance on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters”

Last night, Tim Love owner/chef of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack, and winner of the Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” competed on the Bravo network’s new show “Top Chef Masters.” The show takes established c...