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Sports Rush: Which Baseball Curse is Worse?

Rush Olson
There will be joy in Mudville. Either the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians will win the World Series this season. I have a t-shirt that reads “World Champions, 1908, Chicago Cubs.” It’s theoretically funny because th...

World Series

World Series: Duh

Rush Olson
I have a theory about baseball that goes like this: A Major League team’s goal is to win the World Series. That’s some groundbreaking ideating, eh? You’re thinking, “This guy must really know his baseball to come up...


A Trip to the Park

A hero’s welcome greets a World Series champ in Texas.
Edgar Regalado peers through the chain-link fence surrounding the new Bowie High School football stadium, hoping to catch a glimpse of his baseball hero. He’d been watching him all season, pitching for the Boston Red Sox as t...

Hey Yu Put On Yo Clothes And Play For The Rangers

Jeff Prince
I went to one of those big box stores to check out a high-def TV selling for $500 — except when I arrived, the store wanted to charge another $1,000 just for the rights to shop there. “WTF?” I said, since I al...

Texas Rangers Should Let Cardinals Win The Series

Jeff Prince
After perusing today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch I’ve decided the Rangers should let the St. Louis Cardinals win the next two games and the World Series. That poor city is a mess, although made up of really nice peopl...

Texas Rangers Overcome Triple Hex

Jeff Prince
If you believe in bad signs and omens, then you’d already written off the Texas Rangers before they even played last night’s Game 4 of the World Series. Bad Omen No. 1 — Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton stood in ...

Red-Clad Hearts Don’t Know Dark Hole

Jeff Prince
Poor St. Louis Cardinals fans. They’re in misery after watching the Texas Rangers pull off a come-from-behind miracle in Game 2 last night. St. Louis Post-Dispatch sportswriter Bryan Burwell’s version of events says...

World Series An Easy Victory

Jeff Prince
Think about it. A couple of Texas Rangers are riding a trail, keeping settlers safe from all types of bad hombres… And then, suddenly, they come face to face with a couple of outlaw Cardinals blocking their path… Wh...

Texas Rangers Get No Respect

Jeff Prince
So-called experts are predicting the World Series already, and they don’t have much faith in our hometown Texas Rangers. FOX Sports sportswriter John Paul Marosi says the Rangers will fall in the first playoff series, whi...

Rangers Deserve To Be Slapped

Jeff Prince
That’s right, the Rangers deserve to be slapped on the back for a job well done. Great season guys. The team played exciting baseball, fought their way farther into the playoffs than ever, and didn’t collapse until ...