It’s not typical that a record would contain one song called “Jump Blues” and another called “TechnicalElectronicSupersonicRobot,” but then The Frontier Brothers are into blending styles and surprising ears: ‘80s Euro-synth lines mix with harmonicas, crafty melodies, and insouciant punk-ish vocals.

Dividing their time between Fort Worth and Austin (and not sounding like anything you’d expect from either scene), Brett Moses, Marshall Galactic, and Travis Newman have a love for the pure pleasures of music-making that’s evident all over their soon-to-be-released sophomore record, the e.p. Solar Power Struggle! Just when you think a guitar part is going to fray off into a thrash thunderstorm, along comes a lovely piano bridge or a ‘60s mop-top background-vocal refrain a la The Turtles. With sci-fi geekish glee, The Frontier Brothers claim to have arrived from Neptune in a flash of light just off the Japanese coast, but there’s nothing otherworldly about the solid, hummable craftsmanship that goes into these good-time tunes.

Fri June 1st at The Aardvark, 2905 W Berry St, FW. 817-926-7814. Sat June 2nd at Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack, Ste 200, 210 S Mill St, Lewisville. 972-891-2263. Tue at The Door, 3202 Elm St, Dallas. 214-742-DOOR. Wed (Jun 6) at J&J’s Pizza, 118 W Oak St, Denton. 972-382-7769.-Jimmy Fowler