1919 Hemphill’s second compilation CD, How Y’all Doin’ Tonight?, is out now and available at all 1919 shows for $5-8. The CD includes hand-screened, hand-glued DIY covers, a “huge insert,” according to the good folks at 1919, and 28 tracks. Contributors include three Fort Worth outfits –– Drug Mountain (R.I.P.), High Anxieties, and Ramsey Sprague’s Shortest Distance –– plus Fort Worth-Austin’s Best Fwends, with Onion Flavored Rings, Bleach Boys, ANS, God Equals Genocide, Abiku, Trifle Tower, Can Kickers, Halo Fauna, Nouns Group, I Object!, Heartstring Stranglers, Brickfight, Japanther, Ghost Mice, Lemuria, The Pharmacy, Jubilee, The Extraordinaires, O’ Pioneers!!!, Orange Coax, Teenage Cool Kids, Prizzy Prizzy Please, Hulksmash, and Boogdish.