So the Miss Texas pageant is back in town this week for – oh my, the 75th year. Where does the time go? In honor of that milestone, there’s a fascinating … well, they wouldn’t want us to call it a wrinkle, but … the organizers have invited back all the past Miss Texases. And whether you’re a regular fan of beauty pageants or not, this should be a hoot.

About 40 Miss Texas Exes, so to speak, are expected to show up for a reunion on Thursday afternoon. On Friday morning there’s a brunch and autograph session if you’re hankering to get a signed souvenir from former Miss Americas Phyllis George or Shirley Cothran, along with an exhibit of gowns and other wardrobe items from past years. That night, just before the finals of the current year’s competition, some of the former winners will perform.


The public is invited to most of the events. Tickets are $10 at the door for the Thurday brunch at the Arlington Hilton and $60 for Friday’s tribute brunch. More information is available at the Miss Texas web site or by contacting Marvin Blum.