In the spirit of minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass, solo bassist Travis Vance, who’s from Fort Worth but earned his undergraduate degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston and lives in Nashville, crafts dappled, grooving sonicscapes via looping technology and mechanized beats. Samples from his relatively new five-song debut EP, The Chase, are a little smooove and a little New Age-y but in the best ways possible and are especially eye-popping when you realize that only one man is behind all of the sounds. Though many passages are purely melodic and/or meditative, there are some moments when Vance’s bass sounds like it’s on a roiling boil, clusters of notes popping everywhere a la Kyle Gann or Mehldau at their most caffeinated. See for yourself on Fri., Mar. 11, when Vance opens for Nashville’s Parachute Musical, Denton’s Foe Destroyer, and Memphis’ Star & Micey at The Moon (2911 W. Berry St., TCU area, 817-926-9600).