Ronnie Heart = da bomb

1.) Since last week’s HearSay, a dozen more bands have been confirmed for Fort Worth Weekly’s 12th Annual Music Awards Festival (4-10 p.m. Sunday, June 22, at eight venues in the West 7th corridor, including Lola’s Saloon, Magnolia Motor Lounge, The Grotto, Poag Mahone’s, Capital Bar, The Pour House, Rodeo Goat, and Fred’s Texas Café).

Here’s everyone we’ve got lined up so far.

Quaker City Night Hawks, Pinkish Black, Son of Stan, Ice Eater, The Longshots, The Hanna Barbarians, Oil Boom, Foxtrot Uniform, Ronnie Heart, The Me-Thinks, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, Un Chien, War Party, Joey Green Band, FOGG, Green Light Pistol, Secret Ghost Champion, Patriot, Nathan Brown, Jack Thunder & The Road Soda, Huffer, Slumberbuzz, The Fibs, Vicious Firs, Kevin Aldridge & The Appraisers, Jody Jones, Missing Sibling, Mills & Co., Panic Volcanic, Big City Folk, Animal Spirit, Leon Bridges, Stone Machine Electric, Igneous Grimm, Lindby, Dru B Shinin’, Tidals, The Royal Savages, Lazy Summer, Day Waster, Devin Leigh, and MidWay.


There will be 48 bands total, all nominees in our 17th Annual Music Awards and all from the great 817 (or close enough).

As always, the event is free, but bring some foldin’ money for some cold, frosty adult beverages and for copies of our fifth annual charity compilation CD. Recorded live over one weekend at Eagle Audio Recording on the Near Southside, Frequencies, Vol. 5 features 12 new or previously unreleased tracks by select nominees, including FOGG, Ronnie Heart, Slumberbuzz, The Fibs, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, Huffer, Leon Bridges, Mills & Co., Shadows of Jets, Lazy Summer, Royal Savages, and Tidals. Proceeds from the $5-a-pop sale of the disc will go to this year’s charity sponsor, the Tarrant Area Food Bank. If you can’t wait until the day of the festival to buy your copy, just drop by the Weekly offices (3311 Hamilton Ave., 76107) anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

2.) Unstoppable Fort Worth dance machine Ronnie Heart tore it up last year at MAF, and you can expect more of the same –– plus some of what’s below –– at the 2014 event and also at The Dram in Dallas on Thursday, June 12.

Directed by Chip Tompkins, the vid was co-produced by Tomkins and two of the dancing models: Leah Thom and Maddison Piper. “Tasty Destination” is a track off Heart’s forthcoming debut album, You(r) Mine.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Ronnie Heart is da bomb.

3.) International dream-gazers and TCU alums Fou have just popped out of the studio with Britt Robisheaux (The Theater Fire, Drug Mountain, Bludded Head) with a brand new track, one that really captures brothers Jeevan and Mathew Antony’s dynamic –– and loud –– onstage energy. Said tune is “Cyclone.”

4.) Clearfork Music Festival (Saturday, Aug. 30, at Panther Island Pavilion) has just announced most of its lineup. Along with touring headliners The Black Angels and The Bright Light Social Hour, there’ll be a lot of local flavor, including Holy Moly, Son of Stan, and Burning Hotels, playing perhaps their one and only show of 2014. In addition to the music — 22 bands in all are scheduled to perform — there’ll also be craft beer gardens, river floating, fireworks, and art installations. Tickets are only $30-65.

5.) On Tuesday, June 14, Index Fest (Oct. 18-19 in Deep Ellum) will announce its first round of bands during a free concert at Trees in Dallas with Ume, Booty Fade, and more.