DANIEL BRUMLEY IN HAPPIER TIMES (photo courtesy jessica castillo)

A witness who videotaped Fort Worth police officer Chris Jones after he stopped Daniel Brumley for running a stop sign says the subsequent altercation didn’t go down like police are saying (“Blood on Whose Hands?” Feb. 25, 2015).

Attorney Eloy Supelveda gave Fort Worth Weekly a snippet of video taken by one of the witnesses that night. The video was shot through a screen door and is grainy. Jones can be seen approaching Brumley’s driver-side door at about the 30-second mark. Brumley gets out of his car and, with Jones behind him, walks toward the back of the police car.

Police said Brumley, 27, tried to stab Jones after being pulled over at 4 a.m. on Jan. 17 in the Diamond Hill neighborhood of North Fort Worth.


At least two witnesses from different vantage points say Brumley made no attempt to resist arrest prior to being shot.

This short video doesn’t show much but offers a few insights:

The witness was indeed watching the traffic stop as he/she indicated.

Brumley did not refuse to put his hands on the hood, as a police detective stated.

“Once at the police vehicle, [Jones] instructed Brumley to place his hands on the hood of the vehicle,” the investigating detective wrote in a search warrant affidavit on Jan. 30. “Brumley faced the hood of the vehicle but refused to place his hands on the hood.”

The video shows Jones and Brumley walking past the hood of the police car toward the back of the vehicle. Perhaps the detective made a mistake and wrote “hood” instead of “trunk.” That’s not the kind of mistake you’d expect a police detective investigating a fatal shooting to make, but it’s possible.

After Brumley and Jones get to the back of the police car, another two minutes goes by before the video ends and there is still no audible evidence of a struggle.  This indicates the alleged stabbing did not occur immediately after Jones took Brumley to the back of his police car.

The district attorney’s office is currently preparing the case for a grand jury.

Brumley’s family and friends have waited more than six months to find out what happened that night. Police spent about 100 days looking into the case without revealing much, and the DA has had the case since May without discussing the facts.

The long wait and tight lips have angered relatives and North Side activists who believe the police are covering up facts to protect one of their own. They wonder why a canine officer with a dog in the back seat of his police car would stop Brumley for rolling through a stop sign at 4 in the morning in a quiet neighborhood, and why Jones would take Brumley all the way to the back of the police car to arrest him after discovering Brumley had warrants. They wonder why autopsy reports show most of the shots that struck Brumley were fired at a downward angle. These and other thoughts are maddening to Brumley’s mother, Jessica Castillo. She refuses to believe Brumley became violent during a traffic stop or arrest, something he’d never done before.



  1. Well….one thing is certainly obvious now, the cop & his buddies are stone liars. Tell us something we didn’t already know. Whose on first??? What’s new here???

  2. Everyone past the third grade recognized the heros were lying like a rug, whose on first? What happens now? Is our government busted and folks sit on their hands? Does anyone care enough to do their duty in our government? Does a single cop in Fort Worth have any sense of decency or honor? Mayor….hello, hello? Feds, WEEKLY if you expect to amount to a nickle, it’s time to stand up . When someone takes a breath in Hollywood, they can smell this rotten, stinking, government coverup. City Council, ?????

  3. This entire story is very sad on several counts and similar stories are playing themselves out across the nation where police look for vulnerable victims to arrest because without warm bodies in jail they themselves become obsolete. Policing has adopted an economic model where without certain activity it cannot thrive on a fundamental business level. The FWPD has unique economic incentives in place which allow it to operate on level in which the business community, the Tarrant County Bar Association and ALL departments of the City of Fort Worth have a stake in preserving the its status (the police) as the entity that actually runs this city.

    Jeff Prince has to report the facts as the police see them and often times they make things up as they go along and he has to report them like that. Why? See the previous paragraph. He does not have the stature and presence to act outside of the influence of local police and the city council. Why? See the previous paragraph. Because if he reports the actual facts which are contrary to the evidence, where it involves the police they will black list him and he will not work with or talk with him. Police are very good at conspiracies. If a reporter cannot talk to the major players on a story they’re going to have to move to writing reviews on Restaurants or something else.

    Independent investigators are working on numerous journal articles and investigative reporting on the FWPD, because the level of corruption and fraud is immense. In their stories posted Face Book they do not interview the police officers with the FWPD for two reasons. First they are familiar with the level of lies and manipulation by the police it’s what they do best and why ask to be manipulated and scammed when the evidence treated by forensics researchers can arrive at the truth? Having said that it is easy to tell if indeed Mr. Brumley put a knife to the Officer. Produce the knife, show it to his friends and family and ask them the obvious question, “Have you seen this before”? And show me the photographs of the officer’s wounds taken then and now. That coupled with the Officer seen pacing back and forth adjacent to the police car after the shooting, tells you what happened. What the Officer said took place never happened. The evidence is not there.

  4. Cop get fired, resign under threat, or is he going to continue walking around as a lying, screw-up killer cop? Does anyone in charge give a flip? City council, County Comissioners, Mayor, Priest, Preachers? D.A.’s office is in on the deal, nothing new there now with a cop killer rather than the killee. Whose on first ? Is there a Fort Worth cop with a hair on their ass? City Council? Mayor? Where are the school teachers, fire fighters, foot-washing Baptist? This can easily be solved with a Like Detector test. Why in pluperfect hell not? Someone should hold a gun on the rotten, lying, bastards and cause the snakey spit-wads to get right.