To help get you all lathered up about the 14th Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival (#MAF16) on June25-26, we’re going to leak half of the bands that will playing. This year, as Hearsay mentioned in his column last week, the festivities will be spread over two days. On Saturday, June 25, the party gets crackalackin in the Near Southside, and on Sunday, June 26, we’ll hoist our flag in the West 7th area. Check out Hearsay’s column for more details.

Now, we’re ready to announce 20 of the bands. We’ll leak the other half tomorrow, and we’re shooting for Monday to tell you the full lineup with venues. :

Animal Spirit

Struss_DigitalAd_ANIMATED-300x250 (1)

Lou Charle$



Ronnie Heart

Holy Moly

Reagan James

Jetta in the Ghost Tree


Lyric Le’Velle

Oil Boom

Pinkish Black

Sally Majestic

Siberian Traps


The Hendersons

Ryan Tharp

Un Chien



To vote for your favorite 817 music act, go here.

To buy tickets to the two-day festival, go here. If you buy a two-day pass ($10) by June 15, you get a free download card of our yearly compilation featuring some of the nominees, Frequencies, Vol. 7: Live in Studio.

If you miss the early bird deadline or just want extra copies of the compilation, you can purchase them for $5 here. A portion of the proceeds benefit United Way of Tarrant County.