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I hope everyone had as much at our little festival as I apparently did. (You know it was a fun night when everyone who sees you the next day greets you with a mix of taunting concern and medical advice: “Man, are you OK? You should drink some Pedialyte and get an IV or something.”)

There are too many people to thank:  our presenters — Bud Light and Ben E. Keith, our sponsors — Metro PCS, Tarrant County College, and United Way, the 39 bands that played the festival, the venues and their amazing staffs, the soundmen and stage managers for keeping the trains on time, the incredible Weekly staff for volunteering for two days while maintaining sloppy grins the whole time, the sweet, kind folks at Fellowship Church for volunteering to shuttle folks across 7th Street, the nominating committee, everyone who voted, and, of course, the fans who came out for two days of the very best original music Fort Worth has to offer.


We’ll keep adding photos as they pour in, and I’ll have a more detailed wrap up in Wednesday’s issue of the Weekly. So keep checking back here and be sure to pick up your copy of our paper this week.


Photos by Ryan Burger, Lee Chastain and Vishal Malhotra.