Iván “Pudge” Rodríguez has seen firsthand the devastation visited on his homeland. In this video interview, the Puerto Rican (and Texas Rangers) icon explains about his island’s needs and details an effort he and one of the companies he represents made to help an orphanage there.

In September, Hurricane Maria’s 150+ mph winds and Biblical quantities of rainwater inflicted massive amounts of damage on Puerto Rico. Driving around its capital, San Juan, one still spots uprooted trees, dismantled roofs, and other reminders of the devastation that will require years, and perhaps decades, of refurbishment.

Even at Estadio Hiram Bithorn, the national baseball stadium in San Juan, loss of power forced the local Winter League teams to play day games, and even now many of its large signage frames remain without the content blown away by the storm.


The island loves baseball, and many of the sport’s current and former Puerto Rican stars rallied to support their home territory. Rodríguez worked in the hurricane’s aftermath to help get supplies to the island, and has returned multiple times since. On a previous trip, he visited the Hogar Forjadores de Esperanza home for boys, a cause long supported by his endorsee, Sun West Mortgage Company, and brought donated bicycles to its occupants. On this trip they made an even more meaningful donation, and in the video, you’ll see why the facility needed it.

You can donate to help the orphanage fix its roof and care for the boys it helps at their YouCaring site: