Another Van Cliburn competition comes to the West 7th corridor this Saturday evening, but this one isn’t for classical pianists. Rather, the Cliburn Cocktail Competition is for bartenders, as the music foundation, without another concert to give until September, fills the time by getting in on the bar scene here in Fort Worth.

Teams of mixologists will gather at the southwest corner of Crockett and Currie streets to come up with the most inventive concoctions with approved brands of vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and bourbon, plus whatever ingredients their imaginations might come up with. (Chile peppers? Cloudberries? Edible flowers?) Proceeds from the event will benefit the 2021 piano competition, and the winners (much like the pianist who takes the top prize at the Van Cliburn) will receive a gold medal. Who knows? Maybe the 2021 contest will feature that medal-winning drink, a miraculous libation to go down with Beethoven and Liszt when Fort Worth once again becomes the center of the classical music world.

The Cliburn Cocktail Competition starts at 7pm at Crockett & Currie sts, FW. Tickets are $40-45. Call 817-738-6536.