The National Fantasy Football Convention comes to town this weekend.

NFL players’ bodies can barely hold up through 16 games, but we’re still going to try to make football a year-round sport regardless. Fort Worth is hosting the National Fantasy Football Convention this weekend, after last year’s inaugural event was held in Dallas. If you thought the attendees at Comic-Con were a bunch of geeks, wait till you see the people here.

The Fort Worth Convention Center will be the site of thousands of hobbyists (and some professionals) who crunch numbers to maximize their chosen NFL talent. Industry experts will be on hand, as will more than 200 current and former NFL players, including Ezekiel Elliott and free agent (as of this writing) Dez Bryant. Memorabilia will be on sale, autographs and selfies will be available, and skill drills will allow you to do something that actually resembles playing football, perhaps alongside a Hall of Famer like Thurman Thomas or Charles Haley. Two Gronkowski brothers (not Rob) will be in attendance. The best part might be brainstorming creative names for your fantasy team. The Stafford Experiment. The Antonio Brownout. San Diego’s New Football Team. Colin Kaepernick’s Knees. Your fantasy team may not do any better this year, but you’ll have a catchier moniker to impress your friends.

The National Fantasy Football Convention runs Fri-Sun at the Fort Worth Convention Center, 1111 Houston St, FW. Tickets are $24-999.