After watching the band of the year on Thursday on C-SPAN, surf to Daiseychain Friday at MASS. Image courtesy Facebook

Before you read any further, remember that these HearSay pieces are all opinion and do not, by de facto, represent the views of this paper and its publisher/owner. I mean, sometimes they do. Probably. But I never know ahead of time and never ask after the fact. But since the Weekly’s launch 27 years ago, the other authors and I showcased in this space have likely offered, on occasion, concert recommendations that large swaths of this city and this paper’s readers might either disregard completely or, upon perusing, cause them to think we are out of touch and off our rockers, that we don’t even listen to music at all. Regardless, there are still events that merit being heralded, even if they feature artists whom lots of people despise. I am not sorry for promoting them, which is why you will read a sentence about Sir Mix-a-Lot down toward the bottom of this space. So, with that reminder/caveat, I invite you to consider giving your attention to and/or spending money at the following upcoming performances.

Of all the things booked this month, I think the biggest, can’t-miss, on-par-with-Hendrix-playing-the-National-Anthem-at-Woodstock-for-its-historical-importance is at 7pm Thu, when the congressional panel co-fronted by Mississippi’s Bennie Thompson and Wyoming’s Liz Cheney presents to the American public the mountain of evidence of the GOP conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election on behalf of two-time popular vote loser, credibly accused rapist, and avowed racist Donald Trump. Even if you think this “band” and its “music” are total bullshit, I implore you to give them a chance. I seriously doubt that their findings will cause anyone to peel the Punisher sticker off the rear windshield of his or her dumb, unnecessary dualie, but if you have yet to despoil your vehicle with similarly MAGA-lignant decor — maybe you vote Republican but are uncomfortable about how your team behaved between November 2020 and Jan. 6, 2021 — please watch this show with an open mind and then reconsider voting for anyone who doesn’t explicitly denounce the actions of the insurrectionists and the politicians and operatives who directed their participation in trying to nullify the will of millions of people. The survival of America’s democratic norms and the meaning and power of all our votes — yes, even yours, drivers of Punisher-stickered pickups — depend on us all absorbing the actual facts and rejecting the distortions and omissions promulgated by Republican extremists and their legion of apparatchiks. The show is free and will be broadcasted live on ABC, CBS, NBC, and C-SPAN. Fox News has relegated the hearing’s broadcast to its business network rather than preempt noted white supremacist Tucker Carlson.

Other notable upcoming shows: June 8 is another edition of Weird & Wild Waynesday at MASS (1002 S Main, 817-707-7774), in which singer-songwriter Wayne Floyd hosts a cavalcade of local performers doing, well, wild and weird things. And at MASS on Friday, Chicago-based blues-rockers Daisychain are the main attraction of a bill that also includes Denton psychedelic band Sunbuzzed and Dallas’ King Clam. Also on Friday, Downtown Cowtown at the Isis (2401 N Main, 817-808-6390) hosts Lisa Irion as Cher. Irion, backed by the Edge of Reality Band, will perform the cultural icon’s hits from the ’60s through the ’90s. On Saturday, hard rockers The Royal Sons headline the bill at Tulips FTW (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798) with local alternative openers the No-Where Jets and Siamese Hips. Doors are at 7pm. And, finally, if you are one of those “plan ahead” types, ordained Knight of the Booty-ish Empire Sir Mix-a-Lot will play his hit at Fort Brewery and Pizza (2737 Tillar St, 817-923-8000) on Sun, Jun 19, with local turntable legend DJ Databass opening the show. — Steve Steward



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