Terrible People is the first -- and may be the last -- we hear of recorded Mailman.

Special Delivery

Nobel, No Bob

William Bryan Massey III strikes a redneck poster-boy pose.

Redneck Poetry

The bluesy psych-rocking Hanna Barbarians intend on releasing a series of EPs over the next several months instead of a single recording.

Death of the Album?

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Rap Up that Lola’s Jay



What’s Up, Chucho?

Ever listen to Sturgill Simpson and think, “Man, this guy's stuff would be so much more meaningful, and so much better, if he stopped...

Jack’s Off the Wall of Sound

The lords of local music giveth, and the lords of local music taketh away. No sooner did Axis close its doors for good last...

Fort Worth in Sundance

And, no, we don't mean the square downtown. In addition to Californian-via-Fort Worth filmmaker Jesus "Chin" Beltran (see our story last week, "Sundance Kid"),...

Collin, GRO, Correction

Being the loud-mouthed centers of the universe we think we are, my family and I don't celebrate holidays when the calendar says to. (Stupid calendar.)...

Wall of Sound-Off

A proud Fort Worthian going on four years now, I can't recall a local music event that's inspired as much chatter as this past...
Swindle Boys: “All we want is for people to come out to a show and give us a shot.”

Swindle Boys’ Motion: Major Balls

On Swindle Boys’ new, sophomore recording, the EP Motion, the huge choruses, driving rhythms, and frontman Joey Swindle’s breathy, powerful, heart-on-his-sleeve vocals immediately call...

Hall of Fame Class 2019

We’ve nominated the bands, published the ballot, released an all-local compilation, threw a ginormous music festival spanning eight venues with 40 combined bands, and...
The Will Callers' debut has been a long time coming but is worth the wait.

The Will Callers: A Lot Left

The Will Callers, led by co-founders Jake Murphy (guitar, vocals) and drummer Daniel Slatton (drums, vocals), are one of the best respected, most progressive...

Valhalla’s ‘Beautiful’ Nudity

HearSay's never claimed to be ahead of the curve. Just about every time I go out, someone says to me, "Dude! Have you heard...

Everybody Wants Some

North Texas radio is returning to the medium’s roots. In the most microscopic increments imaginable, but still. Some community involvement is better than none....