After playing a sanctioned showcase, Fort Worth’s War Party is ready to, um, party at South By Southwest. Steve Steward

South By Recap


The Swindle Boys have had a busy 2012 and are returning to the shed to write more material.

No Swindlin’ Brothers

Killer or Filler?

FOGG Thickens

Music Feature

Music Feature

Right Directions

Kurt South is a regular guy who happens to know how to play the guitar and sing. Rather than craft mysterious epics, South plays...

Cowgirl Poet

Ginny Mac is a throwback of sorts. The slight, shy twentysomething Fort Worthian lives somewhere between her laptop and the vintage Western wear she...

No Joshing

As Chris Watson’s passion for Southern soul music has grown, so has his namesake band. Now joining the 29-year-old Fort Worth singer-songwriter on his...

Cadillac Sky Issues Letters

Last year was a difficult one for the neo-bluegrass outfit Cadillac Sky. On a personal level, constant touring took a heavy toll –– some...
Tidals: “We’re just bored with playing rock music.”

Waves of Sound

Fort Worth natives Jeremy Lantz, 33, and Joshua Wrinkle, 30 –– together known as the techno duo Tidals –– were once asked to describe...
Clint Niosi is not trapped between two worlds. (Cover art by Fort Worth painter and Weekly Visionary Award winner Devon Nowlin.)

Clint Niosi: Pleasurably Spiteful

Sometimes lyrics seem just thrown together, and for some bands, louder bands, you can see why –– on disc or in person, their words...

Stepping Out

You might not recognize his name, although his soulful voice has been featured on records by Jay-Z, Kanye West, and J. Cole. As a...

Nice Work If You Can Get It

A common adage soft-pedaled to many aspiring musicians is “don’t quit your day job.” That prickly little quip is often spoken by a parent,...

Songbird Jones Soars

If you asked Songbird Jones frontman Matt Jones what he wanted out of life 10 years ago, the 34-year-old would have said a career...